Chapter Sixteen


He knew what he had to do. So why couldn't he make his legs move? Tears continued to stream down his cheeks. The wake of power drained out of him. He knew that Eddine could no longer touch him. Not now that he had crossed Narrsizar's barrier. His palms were slick with sweat. His bottom lip trembled and a wine escaped him.

Just a few more steps and then I can help your friends. The resistance has done well and I will be sure to reward the Helmor's kindly. Go on, Leo.

He did not take his eyes from Narrsizar's body, stiff enough to be a statue. But his skin looked so soft. Leo knew that if he were to touch it, it would not be rough. A breeze rustled Narrsizar's robes, but that was all that stirred. Leo half expected the body to reach forward and graze him. But it did not.

His legs shook as he took another step towards Narrsizar, another step towards death.

"Leo! Stop! Please, you don't have to do this!" Eddine's voice cracked with emotion. "I know it wasn't you that killed them. Leo, it wasn't you!"

"Yes it was!" Leo screamed. "It was me! No one's making me do anything! And I know-" He let out a sob. "I know what I have to do."

"No, Leo, you don't."

You want to help your friends don't you? You want to see you're puma again? And Mrs. Helmor?

Leo nodded, tears falling down his face.

"It's alright. Just come here. I'll find a way to take him out of you, and I'll make sure you get adopted to a nice family. You can live away from everyone who would accuse you. Leo, you can forget all about all this." Eddine said voice full of compassion. It made Leo sick to listen to it. He'd killed people. He'd killed Lonely. He didn't deserve compassion. He deserved to die!

He took the last step towards Narrsizar. All he had to do was reach out and touch the mage. He knew that was all. Narrsizar had taken care of everything else.

Leo let out a sob, and threw his arms around Narrsizar.

Immediately he felt the power being sucked from him. Pain burst to life inside his head. Fire sizzled through his veins. He bit his lip to keep from screaming. He felt as if his skin was being torn from him, piece by little piece. His stomach churned and he coughed, spilling light out of his mouth. He was shacking so bad he could hardly stand.

He screamed. Screamed until he was sure that his throat would tear, and then he screamed some more.

The pain did not fade, but built up, high and higher until reaching a peek. He could no longer cry. He could not move. He felt the last of the power leave him, and with it a new pain hit him. It was not a physical ache, but something that touched Leo. His heart felt like a led weight, and he sank to his knees. He let out gasping sobs, as loss settled over him. He could not say what it was that he had lost. But he knew it was gone.

Ripped away.

He sat on his knees, clutching the ends of Narrsizar's robes, sobbing. He could not make himself stop.

"Hush now, Leo," A new, yet familiar voice spoke.

Leo felt the man he clung to as if his life depended on it, sink to his knees. Comforting hands rubbed his back. Through teary eyes, he looked up, and saw the spattered symboled face of Narrsizar's smiling back at him.

Leo blinked and looked down at his body, uncertain it still would be there. I'm alive. The thought hit him, but his heart was yet still heavy with grief to rejoice. He did not know what to feel. He could not bring himself to feel anything but numb shock.

Narrsizar lifted Leo up into his arms. "You must be happy to still be alive. I confess I did not expect it."

"You bastard! You fucking bastard!" Eddine cried and threw forth a shower of sparks at the barrier between them. They sank into the light, and died almost as once.

Narrsizar let out a breath, and started for the barriers edge. "What shall I do with him, Leo? He has caused me such grief, yet were it not for him I would not hold such power as I do now. Well, perhaps we should not give him all the credit. It is you who carried me all this way." He looked down, meeting Leo's red eyes with his own.

"Narrsizar, you sick fuck!" Eddine spat.

Narrsizar jerked and raised his hand. The barrier disappeared in the wink of an eye. Eddine sent forth a blaze of blue sparks, but they merely jerked towards Narrsizar's raised hand, accumulating there. At once, Eddine began to struggled, as if trying to pull something back towards him, but Narrsizar laughed. Almost as soon as it began the flow of blue sparks drained from Eddine, and the mage fell to his knees, pale as a sheet. As the last of the blue sparks settled into Narrsizar, the room grew completely dark for moments. But yellow orbs of crackling light sprung to life.

"I spare your life." Narrsizar told him softly. "Which is more than you deserve."

Footsteps echoed across the dome. Narrsizar looked up and another smile spread across his face. Leo could not see who was coming, and was still in too much shock to care. He felt apart from himself, as if he was witnessing all this through the eyes of another.

"Your friend's come, Leo. And look, Mr. Helmor is still alive."

Leo did look, but it was too dark to see anyone out side the orbs light. He could hear the clap of feet fast approaching. He had to wait for three figures to reach them. Indeed, Mio, Dave, and Mr. Helmor were illuminated within the light of the orbs. They sank to their knees before Narrsizar, only sparing Eddine the briefest of looks.

"Are you all that is left?" Narrsizar asked softly.

"No," Mr. Helmor answered. "The others are still fighting. We came as soon as they announced they'd captured Leo on the news. We knew it would be our last chance, so we're giving it all we got." All the while when he spoke he did not rise from the ground, or even meet Narrsizar's eye.

"You have done well," Narrsizar said. "You have all done well." He looked to Mio and Dave at the last part. Mio had a slave wrapped around her hand that Eddine had burned. Narrsizar looked to Leo. "You're awfully quite. Aren't you glad that your friends are still alive?"

Leo nodded. The beginnings of emotion were slowly returning to him. Tears still fell from his eyes and he could not remember the reason why. He turned and met Narrsizar's gaze.

"What is going to happen to me now?" Leo asked. His voice was horse from screaming. It hurt to talk.

"Well," Narrsizar said, setting Leo on the ground. His knees wobbled. Narrsizar held him upright with a gentle hand. He held Leo easily by the shoulders. Leo felt exhausted. He was not certain how much more he could take.

"I can only think of one thing to do." Narrsizar twitched a finger and a thin trail of sparks shot at Dave's waist.

"LEO!" Eddine cried, but too late.

He had not had seen Narrsizar do it. Didn't know anything had happened at all until a pain erupted from his chest. He looked down and found Dave's knife hilt sticking out of him, Narrsizar's hand wrapped around it. Blood spread from his chest. His legs gave way, but Narrsizar held him upright by the cuff of his shirt. He gazed up at Narrsizar in shock. He could not draw breath to ask why. He hung limply. He couldn't even raise a hand to pull the knife free.

He gulped, but blood still trickled from the corner of his mouth.

"I'm sorry, Leo." Narrsizar said, but there was no pity in his eyes. "But, as I said, I didn't expect you to live. You weren't supposed to. You'd only be a hindrance to me in the future. I've lost my powers to you once, and I have no intention of letting it happen again."

Narrsizar released Leo then. He crumpled to the floor, a puddle of blood slowly conjugating around his chest. It leaked from his mouth, dripping to the cement. His eyes gazed upwards still and did not find shock in the Helmor's faces. Not from Mio. Not from Dave. They watched as he lay dying in a pool of his own blood, without grief.

Narrsizar stepped over Leo, robes trailing over him. The Helmor's followed after the mage, not one of them looked back. Leo watched as they left him. He gasped, trying to call after them, yet nothing but blood spewed from his mouth. He swallowed it and tried to call again. His strength was quickly draining from him.

"Come back," Leo managed in a whisper that would not have carried even if they still gathered around him. He tried to speak again, but had not more strength left. He sputtered at the blood gathering around his face, too weak to move.

Hands turned Leo to his back so that he would not have to drown in his own blood. He looked up into the tired face of Eddine. He alone wept, and it was his face Leo saw until his vision grew dark.

The End

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