Emo Boy

You're pretty when you're black

You're pretty when you're white

You're pretty in the color of day

And the vagueness of night

You have black around your eyes

Blood around your toes

Your tears trickle down your face

And across the bridge of your nose

You feel alone you are so cold

You find a safe haven with your pen

You write in your big book of feelings

I wish you'd love me and not men

Your pretty hair frames your face

It's colored so pretty and cut so cool

Your tight fit pants are bona fide

Your whole image makes me drool

I know you'll never love me

My lovely emo boy

And with this love sick poem

I may start to annoy

But you are so beautiful and so sheik

Everything about you is divine

And since you like emo boys like yourself

You are never going to be mine