He stood over her she knew because his shadow was blocking any light around her. The pain in her stomach was making her vision darken around the edges and the feeling of nausea was overwhelming. She was staring at the ground, turned on her side, she clutched her stomach and could do nothing but stare at the label of a box stating that its contents were fragile. She knew if she turned her head her vision would turn blurry. That's when she knew he was standing above her because he blocked any light that was allowing her to read the label. He started to laugh then he kicked her shoulder causing her to wounded stomach to hit the floor and the feeling of nausea returned and she couldn't help but heave what looked like blood in the shadow of the man standing above her. He laughed louder when he saw her heaving.

"Poor little girl", he said using his foot to turn her over onto her back. She stared up in the direction of what she hoped was his face for her vision blackened again.

"What a dumb line", she couldn't help but say. That earned her a kick to her side luckily the one that wasn't hurt. She knew that for he didn't want to kill her... yet.

"Insolence, you young punks piss me off, thinking you can change the world, get rid of all the bad. Dreamers," She heard him scoff.

She didn't feel like correcting his assumption of why she was there to kill him. She heard someone else approach he moved away from her and she was bathed in the light from an open light bulb hanging from the ceiling in the warehouse. The contrast of the bright light made her stomach react and she turned to her side to heave again. When she was done she tried to move into a sitting position. A small glint caught her eye and she saw the handle of the small dagger that was stored in her boot she couldn't help but think back. "I'd rather die than use that," she recalled herself saying. "we'll see" a voice answered. The light around her disappeared again and she knew the man was back. She stared at her boot and tried to get her vision to clear. The man's voice brought her back to the present. "You killed six of my men, and wounded four of them. I think I should give you to the wounded ones I know they would love if I let them play with you. What do you think?"

She didn't answer just stared at her boot trying to stay conscious. She knew she was losing a lot of blood. She could hear it dripping to the floor through her fingers.

He kicked her leg. This pushed the dagger slightly farther out of her boot. He didn't seem to notice.

"Speak!" he yelled. She ignored him, the piercing sound of his voice made her wince but nothing else. He leaned over her and grabbed her neck forcing her up off the floor. Her hand let go of her side to wrap around his hand on her throat trying to loosen his grip to allow air to flow back into her lungs.

He lifted her so that her feet hardly touched the floor, which were slipping on her own blood.

"I said Speak!" he yelled the last part again. This timedirectly into her ear.

"Fuck off!" she said back. It came out more of a gurgle but she knew he understood what she had said.

He used his other hand to pinch her wounded side.

She couldn't help but let out a loud scream and try to squirm out of his grip. As a last attempt she knocked her head into his. He lost his grip and she fell to the floor. "Bitch!" he yelled grasping his bleeding nose. He kicked her again as she tried to stand up.

Her head swam. She couldn't focus on anything. The room seemed to spin in an unorganized sway. The pain was overwhelming. She felt it radiating through every pore in her body. She turned on her side, her hand hitting something on the ground. She tried to focus on what it was. It took a moment for her to see at least the outline of its long thin shape. It was the dagger it must have fallen out when she fell to the floor.

The man kicked her again. She coughed and felt blood come out of her mouth, the metallic taste that could be nothing else. She covered her hand over the dagger, loosely grasping it. All she could think about was the pain. She saw the man's shadow move closer to her. As a last attempt she gritted her teeth and kicked her leg toward him. She felt contact and heard him fall to the floor. Before she could even try to get off the floor he was already next to her pulling her toward him by her leg. She wrapped her hand around the dagger as he came over her. She hesitated for a second and he punched her in her side. She yelled out and gripped the dagger and brought it around her and plunged it into what she hoped was his neck. He made a noise that she heard many times when someone was mortally wounded. She pulled the dagger out while his body fell on top of her. She managed to push him off of her. Next she just laid there witch the dagger in her hand. It was emitting a soft glow, disgusted she threw it across the floor. Her eyes started to blacken and her breathing became slower. She could still hear the dagger sliding across the floor. It was as if time slowed and every heart beat of hers was a minute of time. The pain began to diminish. She knew that wasn't a good sign. She heard footsteps and he dagger stopped suddenly with the footsteps. She heard the dagger being picked up off the floor. It was probably a man that worked for the one she had just killed coming to finish the job, but she couldn't help but lay there. The foot steps were coming closer the light around her was cast in shadow again and knew the person was standing above her.

"I told you this would happen," announced a smooth voice. Her shallow breath caught in her throat. She knew that voice, and knew that she should fear it. She looked up at his face staring down at her. Her eyes took a while to adjust. The first thing that her sight narrowed in on was the anger in his bright green eyes, but her eyes started to go black again. All she could think to say was "Shit." Then she lost consciousness.

A/N: This is just the prologue. The next chapter will take place prior to this event and you will learn about our main character and how she came to be in this situation, and the mysterious power of the dagger.