I cracked my teeth
spilling secret cavities
upon your indiscriminate conductivity,
sparks igniting ocean blazes
that floated toward the end-of-earth.

Climbing trees in ballroom gowns,
shimmering puddles convulsing
oily rainbow painting in our streets—
We said
we'd scrape our knees from falling,
bleed laughing onto bleached whit carpet,
ignore the rules and learn to fly
drenched in bitter sunshine;
but independent indecision walked across our spines
to keep us curled up at the corners;
or just you,
because I winked and slipped away.

Thoughtless verbiage spun nooses
about the slender wrists of winter children,
choking them slowly, kindly,
until they fell ashen into the concealing white,
snowflake tears kissing their eyelashes
in shameless passion;
words wrung my condolences dry
with congratulation.

Enamel chipped by habit,
I bit a tongue that loved to dance
above white fissures,
lacing sarcasm through ingenuity;
silence served a purpose
far beyond my means,
but you never comprehended
my resentment.

Because in the end, everyone's a liar.