I woke up, white moonlight flooding the stark monochromatic apartment. The light glittered over my soft white bed and the shiny metal food receptors. I creeped over to the wall screen, and powered it up. Kaylor Starshine waved at me once, then the screen shifted so I could see from her point of view.

I directed my avatar to her clock. 10:17 am, it read. I was a little late waking up, but oh well. My stomach sensor shook, and my hand involuntarily connected the palm sensor to it. I'd have to get Kaylor ready quickly, and take her to breakfast. She felt well rested at least, that was good. I couldn't deal with feeling another late night party. I know, I know, it's my own fault, but it's easy to forget the morning hangover to come when all you have to do is turn off your sensors and crawl into bed.

I dressed Kaylor quickly in black suede Louboutin ankle boots, Rich and Skinny boyfriend jeans, and a slouchy white shirt Lanti had designed for her. There was a Starbucks at the bottom floor of her hotel; that would have to suffice for now. I ordered her a whipped chocolate thing and a pesto cheese and tomato sandwich. a little heavy on the calories first thing in the morning, but Kaylor would surely throw it up if she deemed necessary.

The "Mocha Blaster" came in on the food receptors first. I took a sip under my tongue, the way my birther had taught me, so I could taste it before she did. Delicious! I thought happily. Of course, Kaylor tasted calories and wanted it out. I ordered her a Pellegrino, watching my Mocha Blasted fade into clear bubbles. Pellegrino certainly satisfied the taste sensors, and I liked it too, but it was always nice to be a little rebellious.

Kaylor's phone beeped, as it likely had been since the wall screen turned on. I activated the eye sensors with a quick blink, bringing up her messages. Party tonight, contacts from yesterday's conference setting up luncheons and drinks meetings, a new design sketch of a sheer purple frock from Lanti, You'll wear it, yes? Her light French accent was amazing. I sent out replies, and blinked out. Looked like Kaylor had a busy day ahead of her.

Just an idea I had while taking about Second Life in Media Studies today. I really hope on continuing this further. Hopefully it'll make more sense in time.