The smell of coffee awoke his senses. He was half asleep when his nose was aroused with the fresh brewed smell of coffee beans in the near distance. His arms were folded and his head lay upon them. He slowly lifted his head up to see what had made his nose aware. It was quite early in the morning. 6:03 a.m. Eastern time, to be exact. He pulled a late shift the last night as well. His wife made sure that he knew how she felt about him pulling a 14-hour shift, when he arrived home a little after midnight. His head was finally in an upright position. His back had gone from slumped to straight. He put his hands firmly around the armrests of his chair and went to stand up and go get some much-needed coffee. But before that was attempted, a co-worker passed by him.

"Hey bud, you better shape up. Get ready. Captain is coming through here in a little," said the insightful co-worker.

"Thanks," replied the sleepy man.

He turned his head to watch his co-worker pass him by and warn others who were unaware of the Captain's soon arrival. He quickly gathered the files that were on his desk in front of him, and stacked them in a neat order and placed in their order of importance. He let out a sigh, as he found out that he had used a lot of energy in a short amount of time and he was still really tired. He got up out of his chair and followed the aroma of coffee. He had got there right before another worker and hastily grabbed a small foam cup and poured himself a needed cup of joe. He slowly moved out of the other co-worker's way and gradually drank his coffee, enjoying every ounce of caffeine. Then, after being on a momentary high of energy, he hastily jogged back over to his desk to finish anything else he had sorted out before.

A door was slammed. The Captain came out of his office to see what his police force was up to. He first checked with the desks that were near his office and steadily moved onward.

"Sergeant Inspector, what do you have for me this early morning?" demanded the Captain as he got in closer to scrutinize the desk of the sleepy inspector.

"Sir, I think I've pinned the O' Hardy murder case on his estranged ex-wife. I believe she clearly has motive and I don't think the prints lie," the inspector quickly replied as he stood up to talk to the Captain, face to face.

"Well, I'm not going to 'believe' she is the murderer until you give me the cold hard facts that point her 'as' the murderer. I'm not going to bring this to court, unless I know she will be brought to justice."

"I understand sir," replied the inspector while he casually walked along with the Captain as he examined other desks. "As usual, I'm still trying to find a lead on the Colombo Gang shooting incidents."

"Inspector Jennings," sighed the Captain, "it is almost impossible to attain any kind of evidence that links, this 'Colombo Gang' as they say, to any of the three multiple crimes that you think that this gang has committed." The inspector looked at the Captain with fierceness in his eyes like he was ready and willing to do anything to take these unlawful criminals down. The Captain gave then gave his verdict. "If you give me the proof, we'll jail 'em."