- - - - - - - - - - -

It wasn't even 20 minutes later that they had arrived at the home of Christian Riviera. Of course, Mike pulled his car beside the curb a good four houses away from the location. Like Bryan had said earlier in the car, they are doing reconnaissance; not delivering a pizza

"…And that's what I don't understand about this new age politics. So confusing, isn't it?" finished Bryan after having a deep discussion about politics on their way there.

"Yup," replied Mike ironically, "I am very confused now." He positioned his eyes on the Riviera house. "Bryan, get the camera."

"Got it all set up and ready, Mike," he replied.

"That's good," There were a couple moments of silence. The two of them were ready to roll. It was go time.

"So now what?" asked Bryan.

"We wait, till we some activity of importance," Mike answered.

Bryan sarcastically gave out an expression of gladness. Though, the both of them knew that they might be there for a long, long time.

An hour had slowly creped by. The bright sun had come out of behind all the thick clouds from the morning, and shined on Mike's dark car. Mike did not like running his car, when he was not driving it. But the air conditioning was a must, for both of their sakes. Bryan and Mike made some small talk here and there, though still looking out for Riviera or anything that was suspicious looking.

"So how's Cheryl?" asked Bryan, once again trying to make small talk.

"She's good. She's been reading a lot. That book club she goes to has put her on a reading frenzy," Mike replied with a little chuckle at the end of his phrase.

"Yeah, so does that mean: more books, less you?" laughed Bryan.

"Basically," Mike laughed back, "And Angie?"

"She's fine, I suppose. Well, she's up at her mom's in Boston. She's coming back Friday, just so she can be with Cheryl, at your 'cook-out'."

"Yeah, I know. Cheryl is dying to see Angie. I only found out that I was cooking then last night."

"Last night," chuckled Bryan, "She called me this morning, to tell me I was going!"

The two of them laughed for a while about how both of their lives were intertwined by both their work and their spouses. It was good that they actually liked one another; otherwise it would be very awkward both at home and at work for the rest of their lives. Cheryl and Angie went to the same school and introduced their boyfriends to each other. Later both those girls got married to those boyfriends, and both boyfriends went into the criminal justice, specifically investigation. They always talked about the odds of that happening. Well, now they're in the same car, doing reconnaissance together.

Mike was still laughing about earlier until he saw in the distance, someone exit a parked car in front of the Riviera house and walk up their pathway to the front door.

"Bryan, ready the camera," Mike shouted quickly, "There might be something going down now."

"I'm ready, I see the guy," replied Bryan as he zoomed his camera to focus in on the man walking to the door.

But before the man reached the front door, a man came out of the house to greet him. He shook his hands and patted him on the back.

"I think that's Riviera," said Mike as Bryan snapped shots of the two men addressing each other. "Yes that is him,"

Riviera finished greeting the man and started to talk to him on his sidewalk. Their conversation lasted a good while; it took 15 minutes, or so said Bryan's watch. The two conversed very vividly. They shook each other's hands one minute, and the next they would be in each other's faces, ready for a grudge match.

"It's seems to be that they are cooking up some kind of deal, or exchange of some sort," Bryan stated, still clicking away and taking photos with his camera.

"I don't know," replied Mike, "If only I could hear what they are saying," Mike turned his head, and started digging around his pockets. He then dove his hands into his center console of his car.

"Oh, no you don't," Bryan shouted demandingly, "You ain't going out there,"

"Well, taking pictures is good. To a point," Mike replied, "Getting better evidence and clues on how to stop them, would be a lot better,"

As Mike was debating his case to Bryan, Riviera's associate went to his parked car and opened the front passenger door. Out of the car, came a beautiful woman; a five and a half foot tall brunette, who unlike the associate, was white and of an American background. She walked beside the man with her arms folded in his. The two of them came up to Riviera, still waiting on the sidewalk. The woman shook Riviera's hand but to her surprise, Riviera brought his head to her hand and kissed it.

"Oh, Mike," Bryan said as he saw the man's companion, "We have a new person of interest, hanging out with Riviera's connection," Bryan immediately got out his camera and took pictures of the scene. "And she's not a bad looker, either,"

Mike looked at the woman. Then, he was startled. He rubbed his eyes, blinked a couple times, and looked at her again. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. He looked down, and for a couple seconds he thought he was dreaming. He wasn't fatigued. He wasn't tired. He wasn't dreaming.

"It," Mike said as the words barely escaped his mouth, "it can't be,"

"What?" replied Bryan as he looked at Mike confused and bewildered.

"It's her," breathed Mike overwhelmed with perplexity, "How? I don't understand,"

"Me neither," remarked Bryan, as he was trying to get to the bottom of it, "Who is it?"

"It's Cheryl,"