Hi everyone

For those who thought I had posted a new story, sorry, but I do have a new story idea in my head but I will need some help from my USA readers.

I won't be starting my story until Speed Racer is finished (a few chapters to go) but I thought I'd start my research for the next one now so I am prepared.

My story idea is a girl about 17 moving to the USA from the UK and well I need help with how your school systems etc work over there because the whole junior senior sophomore thing has me bamboozled. Obviously I have seen American TV shows and movies about high schools but yeah still clueless and I want to get it as near as right as possible.

To start off with I need to know what the various years are called (junior etc) school holidays are in what months, different sports and after school activities, do all the popular kids really roam about school as if they own the place bullying the less popular etc? How you get about getting your drivers license, at what age?

At the moment I'm addicted to 90210 and would love to base my school on that type of "rich" type school where my character will really feel like a fish out of water as she not only tries to get to grips with the change in culture but with the added stress of getting to grips with the school hierarchy etc. Anyone know Beverly Hills well enough to give me detail of places, shops etc or any other area which will have the same feel?

Basically I'm really looking for someone who is willing to not only help with the basics but someone who's happy for me to get in touch with random questions throughout the story process.

If you are interested in helping, know some of the answers already, you can either message me or email me, I think my emails available through my profile as I know fictionpress blocks it if you put it in PM's etc, if not then its my penname at hotmail dot co dot uk (sure you guy can type it out properly!)

Thanks a bunch