Smile Me Away

So don't you fall for me!
Save yourself, from me!
Fall only before your reflection,
For mirrors don't lie!
Let me slip away, darling!
The cracks in your ceiling!
Are so much more deserving...
Of your, stare than I!

Certainly I've only, indecision!
My only constant seems to be, my confusion!
And I know nothing, but that's okay!
Nobody does, anyway.
No matter what they try to say!
Disguising evil don't make it gray.
Though I have nothing,
My thoughts of you get me through the day!

It was done so suddenly!
You'll have to hate yourself, for me.
Cause I could never bring myself to,
Despise, anything about you!
The time we had was special!
So I cannot be too spiteful.
I'm also not insightful,
So tell me...
Was I worth your while?

The only bright side is that...
There's few surprises!
When you see through this world's,
Bad disguises!
And I'll serve you better, if I'm alone!
It's better if you never know.
And I'll serve you better if you cut me,
Out of your mind!

Smile me away!
I'm not worthy of you anyway!
Spend your days!
Gracing another with your gaze.
I'm sure he'll be amazed.
Just as inspired by your face!
But would he die in your place?
Or is that just what he claims!
Leave me to scream your name!
Tearing my vocal chords in vain!
There's so many things to blame!
But none can ease my pain...
Not my own is my shame,
But that won't bring you back, today.