Prologue: You were incredible.

"On the field, I remember, you were…incredible." I say to him as I made a left turn out of our house subdivision. I was on the main road of town now, cruising at fifteen miles an hour. Its fall right now, the fall of our Junior year in high school.

Andy snorts in response as he throws his head back and laughs. "Oh, shut up AJ, I sucked as a freshman and you know it."

"I sure didn't think so." I say as I looked into his turquoise eyes. I counted every color. I saw three; blue, green, and purple…ish. I tore my eyes away from him and focused on breathing, in…out…in…out and the road. Right, the road!! I should be centered on not running off it into the ditch or plowing over that mailbox. It was really hard because he was there…in my car, jamming to some rock music. He was in his usual ripped worn out jeans, his old Adidas sneakers and a t-shirt. When he was with me, there were no preppy clothes on his body. He was himself, just Andy…not the star, perverted, arrogant ass he was at school. He merely played a part to the cliché, like an actor in a movie. But, I knew the real Andy. Andy turns up the radio and nodded his head to the music and played air guitar.

Sometimes, when we were driving around this town together, I asked myself why in the hell I was here, why he was in my car, why this god of a man was sitting next to me in the passenger seat that was usually occupied by my golden retriever Daisy, who hung her head out the window and let her tongue roll to the side. But no, he, Andy Goldben was in my bug car, laughing.

I wondered why I sat with him at lunch sometimes, why I talked to him during English or during Chemistry, why I laughed with him in the hallways, why I answered his text messages and talked to him on the phone until three in the mornings sometimes, I mean, why? Why did I still befriend him even though there was a blanket of girls that would give anything to have him like I did. I knew how he was, I knew what he did on the weekends with girls, and I tried to forget about it.

But, in what way did I have him? He wasn't my boyfriend, but we may as well be, because we spend so much time together anyway, he's not just a friend. But, we're not strangers…not at all. Because he knows absolutely everything about me, I mean, we have so much in common.

The fact that we were born around the same time, April. Mine being the eighth and his being the seventeenth. He used to live on the same street as me. We were both members of the science and foreign language club, even though he sucks at the Spanish. We both love to run, although sometimes he can't keep up with me. There was so much more, it was almost weird.

One rather large, important detail was certain as I parked in my usual spot in the school parking lot. People watched like hawks as we both got out of the car together. I smirked and then looked over at Andy. His golden hair was being tossed by the spring breeze and his eyes were like the sky. I breathed in, I almost forgot to.

I, Amanda Jane Johnson, was hopelessly in love with Andy Goldben.