Class 12-K: Short Stories Madness

These are a series of stories about a classroom known as Class 12-K, a class composed of...a very colorful cast. Main point of these stories is pretty much the misfortunes and trials they had to run into or just a way to see them comment on how much life tends to bite them in the ass. These stories tend to follow in a episode like matter and most often focuses on at least a character or two. Note, the list is updated for previous readers.

Characters (you may see them a lot or less):

Maxtaro: Half Demon student (although this is never an issue) who despite being quite dangerous (and has a scar across his nose that adds on to the dangerous look), he has a mushy heart of gold. Normally the De Facto Leader because he's a gutsy fellow and is sometimes crazy enough to head straight towards trouble while others seemly follow him for no reason. Fan of Char Aznable of Mobile Suit Gundam Fame (Red Zaku for win).

Kyoko: Maxtaro's girlfriend and a girl who doesn't take crap from anyone, which actually gets attention from various men as she's attractive and tough. She is well known for her Karate, Bad Temper, Terrible Cooking, and Weak Gambling Skills. If there's anyone out there who can really put Maxtaro in his place, she's a likely candidate. Also a terrible swimmer...Poor girl can't get a break.

Baku: Maxtaro's Best Friend and is somewhat blunt. He is not much of a jerk as Maxtaro but he does have his moments. Although he is arguably sane compare to his classmates, his friendship with Maxtaro seems to suggest otherwise (the fact that both have similar interests is a clue). Will beat the crap out of anyone should they mess with his little sister. Fan of Ramba Ral, which contrasts with Maxtaro's fan love for Char Aznable.

Nagase: Kyoko's Best Friend and Baku's girlfriend. She's pretty nice compare to the rest of the gang but like the rest, have a sort of evil humor. She is a fan of old anime and writes fanfiction as a side hobby. Some people would question her relationship with Baku but she sees a soft spot for the guy. Also a martial artist like Kyoko.

Ryo: Maxtaro's tall self-proclaim rival and friend. He is also a half demon and is known for his strength. Despite having the worse grades, he is very cunning although he's still kind of.........not book smart. Seems to love bandannas and headbands. In a rather weird relationship with Tae (nobody sees this at all), although his attitude towards her is either kindness or be an outrageous ass.

Gen: Ryo's friend since childhood. He is quite smart, which his slightly mellow mood often throws people off. He has feelings for Ryo's sister and really it made easy to figure out, which raises the question of why he likes her.

Tae: Thanks to ninja training from her grandfather, she's the strongest of the girls. Sadly, this does not apply to her very poor grades, in which she struggles with. Ryo likes her and vice versa and nobody takes a hint.

Zoey: Ryo's twin sister. She looks nothing like her brother and is an expert on fireworks, even making her own. This fact prompts the group to at least stay several feet away from her.

Renton: Large and kind, Renton is very trustworthy. Although saying he's fat will get you thrown out of a window. So like a bear, he's cuddly but you don't to piss off a rather patient bear now do we?

Brad: Class 12-K's usual target of jokes and threats (sometimes, even the cutest puppy will bite him). Writer of bad poetry.

Zaraki: A pervert and somewhat of a nutcase. The girls really hate him although they will call him a friend...a friend who better stay several meters away from them. Will go for any woman but for some reason, Kyoko is his favorite person to stalk.

Jen: A sarcastic girl who seems to like wearing Gothic stuff. She also would rather hang at the sidelines than get her hands dirty but is rather scary once she tries. Also cannot charm someone to save her life. She has a crush on someone in the group but who can it be?

Ayame: Jen's friend who is quite like Brad (being the butt of jokes) but to a lesser extent. Very annoying, especially when her love life is involved (and it happens a lot). Jen by a miracle seems to tolerate her although this doesn't stop her from chewing her out.

Miko: A very shy girl who seems to distance herself...although the gang wishes she didn't. She seems to be a rather nice girl from the looks of it. C'mon Miko, open up a bit.

Buzz: Perhaps the smartest in the class...yet is ignored like the plague. This fact annoys him. Can actually sense presence once the writer uses him without hints and has a few talents. Then again, nobody is aware of that really. Always hangs out with FB (How do you have fun with a robot?), especially since it helps with his presence among the group.

FB (Feeler Bot): A robot once made for the military...but was rejected due to having a computer program to feel emotions and acts like a teen, which sends him into school to get a new life started. Is damn envious of the fact his younger sister La is made more human like and has legs (He looks like a tin can with treads) and only Buzz seems to remember FB having some sort of tool to aid them in stuff.

Nabiki: A girl who seems to have an obsession with Maxtaro and hates Kyoko (both reasons why is yet unknown) and prompts to take Kyoko out of the picture...and gets trashed for her troubles (although she's very persistent). Also being related to a person in the self defense force with available military equipment doesn't help.

Jin Tao: Homeroom Teacher of the class. He's not exactly a great teacher but he does what he can. A bit mean and sometimes has a smoking and drinking habit. Knows Maxtaro and Kyoko's fathers on a personal level, which only makes him a lot more father figure like than he's comfortable with.

Gekki Taro: A rather annoying kid who is neighbors with Maxtaro, hence having a sort of kid sidekick role...And Maxtaro hates it. By all means, he's quite the little smart aleck. Likes Kana (Baku's sister) but his hesitation to take action is usually his downfall as he is rejected...Hard.

Other characters will be around.

Note that almost all the characters are pretty jerky and things can be quite offensive (given the fact that again, they all can be jerks at the drop of a hat) so yeah, don't take them too seriously.

Content (more to come!):

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Story #10: The 5 Kings Of Kaimon...In Need Of 5th Member.

Story #11 (coming soon!): Let's Hunt For Monsters! Part 2