Dreams come true II

Dreams come true...

Why did those words
mean so much to me?

Perhaps 'cause I wanted
to hear them from you.

As the days passed,
I asked myself:

Why must I make a decision?

You were with me, I was safe
and the end.

Someone said I wasn't strong,
I was just brave...
That's why I could take this or that way,
I'd always find the "exit"

But who knows?

I wanted to find you
more than anything.

I can live fooled by a dream
if you're with me,
if you're...

Why did you give me wings if
you weren't going to see me fly?

Why did I spread my wings if
I wasn't going to fly without you?

Why did we decided to fly if
we weren't going to reach the sky

A thousand of questions,
the same questions
with no answer but

I'll believe when you tell me
dreams (don't) come true
though I believe nothing
anymore, no more, no longer.