i wouldn't have wished this on anyone

you have committed to memory
the rise, the fall of my chest,
faster as you approach.

you can predict
when the next tear will fall,
when i will rip apart the bonds
that keep my hands off you
because you always let temptation
out of the cage i locked it in,
where's the key gone?

you're a girl i'm a girl you're a girl but am i

you choked on your sobs
why do you flinch away from me?
i could only shrug and pretend to be sorry

my skin, you said, tasted like
the silver blade and Sin (you would know),
no no no no n—why not—no

but this was all months ago,
before i swallowed my fear
and forced you to stop swallowing me.

you were a sack of bones with a smile
and i'm starting to forget the face already
did you ever exist outside of nightmares?

now that you've chased me away
you've chased away the world.
don't ask why you're standing alone
with wide eyes staring from all corners.