Chapter One: Dai'stiho, cousin!

It started off so innocently. Platonically would be the word they would use. An amusing cliffhanger introduction that led to something they never would have imagined. However, it seemed only they were oblivious to the cataclysmic results their meeting would lead to…

Radio rubbed her eyes; the skin around them was red from being pressed to the binoculars for so long. Her sight was blurred from tearing as she laughed at the latest response to her competition. Watching RGers race around the Review Game Manor's Freebie track for her free review was quite entertaining. At the start of the track, they were given a piece of prose she had written. It was the worst piece of trash Radio had ever thought up and purposely so.

Her rules were simple: Flame. Flame as hard as you can.

At first the contestants seemed unsure, but finally they gave in and let the cruelty pour free as if it were the fuel that kept them jogging around the track. She listened to them through the small device on her ear that also kept count of her posts in each room of RG Manor as well as numerous other things. One of the RGers was far in the lead already, but Radio wouldn't mention anything until she closed the freebie.

"Best. Freebie. Ever." Radio nearly dropped her binoculars out the Off Topic room's window as someone pounced on her from behind. Managing to snag the strap with her fingertips, she sighed with relief. Bubbles' beaming face was right beside her cheek before the older girl saw fit to relinquish her grip. Radio preened at the compliment to the Freebie she had been anticipating for a long time. "for followers o Reggy, we're prety awsome flame givers!"

"I was waiting for yours all day. I figured you and Frac would especially like it. And you're all so awesome cos you have pent up rage to release after all your stifled flames turned helpful, more commonly known as concrit." She laughed. "Release the dragon!"

Radio plopped onto the couch with Bubbles taking up one of the many laptops OT had to offer and looked over the hard copies of the flames. She found Bubbles' flame again and opened it up, but her top pick was still a country mile ahead of the competition. It was a "newbsie" as she liked to call the new RGers.


It sounded familiar, but if they met, she forgot. Whoever that person was, he or she had meticulously shredded the subpar prose and made sure Radio would regret ever living to create such an abomination and that she should return to her Twilight fanfics. She had laughed so hard, she cried and her cheeks cramped. Radio muted the flames streaming in through her earpiece and read through the pile up of reviews, cringing and laughing, sighing and giggling, playing with a few links.

"did u read mine?!" Bubbles asked, getting very close to Radio's face with an overexcited expression. "did it mak u cry?!"

"I was so heartbroken when I read it, I wanted slit my wrists. That's how completely worthless and pathetic I felt." Radio wiped away a fake tear. "Do more!"


Radio was more amused than she expected to be by the turnout from her participants, but didn't have any idea how she and her indecisiveness would sort through so many amazing flames. She decided to pick a second and third place as well as Seasi—whoever won first place.

Reading through another flame, Radio raised an eyebrow and said, "Everyone is insisting that I'm a fatass!"

"duh!" scoffed Bubbles. "cuz bad wrters and fatass are syonymous."

"Oh totally." She shook her head. "And I love how everyone says 'Oh my god!' or 'Oh god!' God can't help you now, suckers!"

"Have you broken in the insult generators?" a new voice asked. The girls looked up and saw a boy of indiscernible age walking towards them.

"Heya Seaside!" Radio greeted with a cordial smile, recognizing his icon shirt from the track. "Sorry, I don't remember your nick, but yeah. I'm having a lot of fun with those."

"I like the Shakespeare one the best," they spoke in unison. Radio barely contained a chuckle. "So what's your nickname again?" she asked. The boy smirked.

"I'm not going to give up the nickname now."

"What? Why?" SeasideDreams kept his mouth shut in childish secrecy and Radio rolled her eyes. "Well if you join us here often enough, I'll get it eventually. Frac knows it and she'll spill."

"or ill spill." Bubbles tacked away at her keyboard. "im the nerd who goes to lok up the nicks."

"Heh, I spent the first day looking at the nicknames list," the newbie noted. "I still don't know them all."

The girls tittered.

"it's a noob thing. you'll gt them. and here we go. Hi Sesshy!" Bubbles paused for a moment. "where the hell did Frac get your nick?!"

"Apparently... Frac felt like it." He shrugged and Radio and Bubbles nodded, understanding that the Moddess and her logic were not to be fully understood. "Anyway, I gotta go. Cya!"


"Later, Sesshy! And thanks for playing the Freebie!"

Radio watched him go, amused. It was fun to know the result and watch others bask in their ignorance. She wondered if he would stick around considering he was new. Many only made short stints in the OT or in RG Manor entirely. Sesshy looked like he had potential to be part of the RG family especially if his flame was anything to go by. She failed to keep back a giggle at the memory.

"whats so funny?" Bubbles asked and then abruptly shifted her thoughts. "hey! is your icon from teh Little Mermaid?" Radio looked at her layered tee. The image on the front was in fact from the Little Mermaid; a silhouette of Ariel tossing her hair back and letting loose droplets of sparkling water. "it is! i knew it! I know Disney movies BETTER than the back f my hand! my favorite is the Lion King."

Bubbles jumped up from the couch and onto the coffee table in front of it while belting "can you feel the love tonight? it's where we are!" She grabbed Radio's arm, pulling her up on the table as well. "c'mon. you'll know these words. i wanna be where the people are! i wanna see, wanna seee them dancing....u better know the rest cuz i dont."

Radio smiled and conceded. "Walking around on those…what do you call them? Oh. Feet. Flipping your fins you don't get too far. Legs are required for jumping," she jumped, "dancing," she twirled, "strolling along down the...what's the word again? Street. Up where they walk. Up where they run. Up where they stay all day in the sun. Wandering free—"

"—something something something part of their woooooooooorrrrrrrllllllldddddd!!!!!"

The girls broke off in a gale of laughter.