I keep it up with the thoughtful

I don't care what they say
Or when they try to pull me away
I'd rather stay here and drown in a pool of self inflicted tears
I love to much to leave
Not yet

I'm not that great of a catch
And people will read this and say nah your amazing
But my question to them
Do you know me?

I can't forget you
And all we went through
I don't know who's that no one

And I may be ok
It hurt at first, the hole I thought no one could fill
And I may continue to punish myself
For all my "faults"

I don't know if you blame me
or not
But I'm keep on smiling
And keep on living
Even thought I see you everywhere I go
And even thought your memory haunt me
I'm not perfect but I'm learning

No one's perfect
Especially you...