Prologue - From the History Books

"Sir, we may have a problem."

"What is it?"

"The Water Reader is reporting a slight chemical imbalance in the ground water; virtually undetectable by all other tests. Could be a glitch in the system. Shall I instruct it to fix the problem?"

"Yes. Be sure to note it in the shift log."

"Yes, sir."

And that was it. It is interesting that one small, seemingly insignificant conversation can change the course of an entire civilization. Thousands of lives were saved; hundreds of lives were irrevocably changed.

The machines had restored the water to its original state, but the damage had already been done. By the time the Hemos had finished building their defensive moat and returned the Dronas to their cities in the hills, thousands of baby girls had been born without sight. These children had sensitivities to light—a hazard in a community built around solar technology. Underground tunnel systems—cities really—had been built to protect these girls from the sunlight. They were only able to breathe fresh air in the faint light of dawn and dusk.

All in the land mourned these lost babies. Nevertheless, the mourning turned to aloofness as the children grew. Eventually, those who lived above ground forsook them, requiring them to learn how to survive on their own.

However, they remained a medical mystery to the technologically advanced Hemos. Several doctors dedicated their lives to restoring the sight of the innocents—a puzzle that had to be solved. These men pledged to find a cure, but no hope was to be had.

Until now.


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Chapter One - Preview

"What happened?" he shouted back as he saw Jared cradling Elanie in his arms.

"I don't know! She was sitting by the shore, watching the tide drift onto the beach. Suddenly a small wave came rolling over her toes and she fainted. I can't wake her!" Panic rose in his voice as he stared down at his lifeless sister.