The Finale

It was a silent forest,

Not one of peace, but of waiting.



The trees began to sway,

Rocking violently to and fro,

Dancing their final dance with the rhythm of the heat,

As all around them the hungry flames devoured all that had ever been.

Of the forest.

Of home.

The fire was a quick one,

Hungry burning changing into smoldering ashes within a blink of an eye.

Cause unseen, and unknown to the rest of the world that had not been caught in the disaster itself.

Ocean waves crashed into the jagged shore,

Saltwater tears colliding with the damp rocks,

Sending tremors through the ravenged Earth,

Begging the flames to stop their fiery path of destruction.

But like many,

The waves were forced to bear the burden of helplessness

And watch the finale of the fires attack

From their own small part of the world.