She who glistens with fairness and virtue,

Yet unbound by the world's harshness.

So pure and white is your skin as it shines in the sun, like and angel.

So etherworldly, as you gaze upon humanity with a complexion to rival that of Athena herself.

I kiss your hand and look up at you as I remain on bended knee in your presense.

My lady.

You are too fair to be among these filthy mortals who reside on this wretched plane of reality.

You are a goddess who deserves none but the riches of the world.

And all I can offer you is my very ethereal existence.

My dear lady fair.

Yes of course my lady.

How could I ever forget my undying love that remains but only for you and you alone.

You are my muse, and my reason for being, for remaining as I am.

Here to serve you.