My heart aches for you my Lady Fair

As if to be clutched by the hands of despair, rendering my happiness away from me

Tearing me ever further away from you is seems my love

Whatever shall become of me my Dear?

I pray to see your beautiful smiling face once more

Lest I be swallowed in darkness, a wraith to my woes

So sing to me my heavenly Muse

Reveal to me the wonders of the world through your sweet cantations

Of love

Of beauty

Of all that is good on this green earth

Whisper to me your sweet melody and save me from my wretched prison which traps me from within

Clawing its way through my bosom like a fierce rabid wolf, hungry for the flesh

Oh how I long for the pleasant embrace of your arms my Lady

Comforting and soft

Gentle and kind

Warm and welcoming

Dear Lady of Fairness please come to me on your swift wings of grace

And aide me in this plight for mine own humanity.