I stand on the edge of a deep abyss. A chasm of despair looms before me, taunting my feeble presence.

Fire and darkness swell around me like thick curtains, choking the air as it rushes in and out of my chest, making me heave in an attempt to gain a clear heading in this sweltering environment that is my inner hell.

I take a small step forward, only to have fear and doubt consume me, causing violent tremors to rock my entire being.

As I continue to gaze out over this inferno………I come to realize one thing.

This is my reality now.

An emptiness gnaws its way through my chest, clawing and burning inside of me as wracking sobs render me to my knees at the sudden realization.

I………..am alone.

To re-affirm this realization I glance around meekly…………


Just me.

And my turmoil.

Slowly……..very very slowly I claw my way towards the edge once more. Forcing myself to stand, my vision glazing from the effort.

I am so cold………

But these fires are so very warm.

Almost welcoming me, like a mother with open arms.

And I think for but a moment.

What brought me here?

Where along my road did I stray so wrongly?

The answer dawns on my, shattering my conscious thoughts, falling like grains of sand around me.

My walls are gone.

The walls I had to long fought to build up…..my fortress of solitude and serenity that had once not so long ago kept me safe.



One last bleating stroke of light licks at the back of my temples……….one last glimmer of hope.


Fading…..waning in the suffocating blackness.

I stumble once more, and my mind wavers, slipping into sub-unconsciousness.

And I feel nothing no more.