The following story has been rated K+ (border-line T) for a child in peril and ideas that younger readers may not be able to comprehend. Enjoy, and don't forget to write a small review or comment when you're finished reading!

The Worlds of the SightSpirit Presents

A Zelda Universe Poetry and Originals Short Story

In Honor of SightSpirit's Birthday 2009

"A Future Lost"

by SightSpirit/EzloSpirit


"A Future Lost" is a short story that I had originally written for the Zelda Universe Forums' "Poetry and Originals" forum. I came up with an idea and built upon it. The idea was a boy stuck on a moon. This was clearly vague, and I also clearly used this idea to make something much bigger. I made this story up as I wrote it, which is something that I nearly always do for my short stories but not my novels. The finished product freaked me out; I couldn't believe how subjective a short story I had crafted. It was so brilliant, yet so simple: I had made a short story that gives the reader minimal detail on events leading up to Caleb's---the main character---conflict. It is the job of the reader to take the details---much like a detective---and mold them into the cause of Caleb's misfortune.

Tragic, sad, mysterious, and maybe even a little creepy, "A Future Lost" causes readers to not just read the story, but to analyze it as well. Enjoy!

Caleb wept. The teenager was stranded on a moon billions of light-years away from his home planet. The boy's small shuttle had had its engine torn away into the cosmos upon impact with a wandering asteroid. That teenage boy was Caleb.

A sixteen-year-old kid with greasy, brown, so-messy-it-looks-like-a-bomb-went-off hair, Caleb wore the classic black and blue jumpsuit that all licensed Space Travelers were required to wear while exploring the universe. His glasses had no lenses; they were lost when the asteroid hit.

"Why me?" he cried, perfectly aware that not even his echo would answer. The lost boy curled up into a ball. He had no way of knowing how much longer his jumpsuit's life-support system would last. Its nano-batteries had to be nearly empty. The suit had been changing the empty non-existence that was the airless space around him into oxygen for hours.

Hopeless, Caleb began thinking about what he would never be able to do. He knew he would never again see his mother. He knew he would never kiss his life-long crush, Samantha. He also knew that he would share the same fate as his father. For as a Time Traveler had once told him, that was the way it was meant to be.

Caleb knew he had made a big mistake. He should never have trusted that illegal Time Traveler. Jenkins Gollth was known for enticing unsuspecting victims into Time Traveling with him to a time he knew his victim could connect to. A time when a friend or family member died. A time when the victim would die along with his friend or relative.

And that was why Caleb, his jumpsuit's life-support system exhausted at last, laid down to an eternal rest…right beside his father….


A comment on the official "A Future Lost" thread on Zelda Universe's Poetry and Originals forum asked me to make this into a larger story. I will gladly oblige. I am already running through a full, novel-length version in my head. The story will be in flashback form, but I am undecided on whether the final product, which will have Caleb reflecting on all of the events related to and leading up to being stranded on that moon, will be in first or third person. I feel I have a lot of time, though; I have many stories on my "list" already, and I don't feel like I should be writing twenty stories at once! So don't expect the novel version for a year or two!

This is my shortest story to date (don't trust the word count; it counts the lengthy background part and these footnotes, too), but one of my most complex and subjective. Its also one of my most tragic stories (except for More Than Embers, the second book in The Sight Chronicles; of course, as of this publication date, it hasn't even been started) to date. I would not recommend this story, however short it may be, to anyone under the age of nine. It would also be difficult to understand.

This story is taking the place of "The Runemaster" as the gift I am giving to others for my birthday! (Talk about irony!) I never had the chance to get to that story, and I randomly wrote this one, so I decided why not use this instead? My birthday was actually a few days ago, but we don't have to tell people that. It will be our little secret...never mind! The secret's out! Anyway, I hope this is better than what "The Runemaster" sounds like it would have been!

This is a work of fiction. Any similarities between the characters in this story and real people, alive or dead, and the events in this story and real events are either entirely coincidental or are used fictitiously.