It's the week of March ninth now; last Friday I went home sick. I had a horrible headache; I couldn't even talk (or type) straight.

I was trying to add some lines to the novel I am currently working on, but I kept typing the same word or skipping words. One of the girls in my study hall was in the library with me; she said I kept repeating what I was saying and mixing up the letters in words.

Enough about my stupid headache. The point is, I went home sick, missed Geometry and World Literature and Composition and am now pissed because I have no idea what we're doing.

We had a snow day on Tuesday, so I couldn't talk to Mrs. Baxter, one of two Geometry teachers, then. Wednesday (the day I am typing this) we had a two-hour late start. Guess what I found out when I got to school. Mrs. Baxter wasn't there! We only had the review problems, so I could do the assignment, but I didn't understand the assignment from when I was sick. During study hall I went in to Mrs. Nolan's—the other Geometry teacher's—room and asked her for help; I understand some of what we're doing, but there are still a few problems I'm really confused about.

After school was over Jasper, Alice, and I went to my house. After messing around on the computer and drinking a can of Mountain Dew like we always do, we started playing with my video camera. We filmed my cat playing with a cup that had water in it (She tried to play with the water and she doesn't like getting her paws wet. It was hilarious.), us sitting around and being random, and Alice and me "kitty hunting." (We basically ran around my house looking for my cat. It was fun. We pretended to be ninjas while doing it, too.)

After they left, I made ramen, discovered a random cut on my knuckle, put a Twilight band-aid that Alice and Jasper got me on said cut, texted the guy I dated in eighth grade, showed said guy my website, talked to Relala (If you haven't read any of her stuff, go look up her profile. She's amazing.), and allowed Relala to convince me to ask said guy for a friend of his (and mine's) number. (I don't have said friend's number; it was deleted from my phone a while ago.)

Unfortunately, he had gotten into a fight with said friend and no longer had his number. But he did have his e-mail. So I'm uber happy now.

But my night was kind of ruined by CCD. I was just about to e-mail him when my mom said it was time to leave. So I'm sad now. And, I was just shot with Silly String. I haven't the faintest idea why people have Silly String in CCD, but they do. The teacher gave us a sheet to fill out and went to talk to the ninth grade CCD students, leaving us to mess around.

One of the questions/things to fill out on the sheet was "My Personal Motto." I wrote "If you aren't smart enough to figure it out, you're too stupid to know." (I made it up last year; it's kind of like my slogan now.) I know it isn't the best motto to be writing in CCD, but it's mine. (So don't steal it.)

She came back and we're filling out another sheet. It's kind of boring. SLAM, the youth group at Alice and Jasper's church, is a lot more fun. It's easier to ask questions about what we're talking about. I asked a question and the teacher looked at me like I was insane for questioning what she said.

I'm sitting at home now, and I still haven't e-mailed my friend. I don't know what to say; we haven't talked for nearly a year. I'm almost afraid that he'll get mad because I haven't talked to him in so long. Or that he doesn't remember me. Or that he'll be mad at me, too, like he's mad at the guy I dated. All of this probably sounds stupid and trivial, but for a while, he (the guy I can't figure out what to say to in an e-mail) is the only person that made me feel like someone liked me for a while. I miss him. He made me smile; he told me the same thing the last time we talked. He said he'd call me and explain everything to me one day, too. (The stuff we were talking about.)

A/N: Sorry this chapter is short. I don't have much else to add. I could rant some about how I hate high school, but I don't want to kill my semi-good mood.