Authors notes: I am not alcoholic! I have seen a lot of alcoholics in action and I have been faced with the harsh reality of why some people drink. Just remember that the name of this site is

My liquid dreams - pour them out; give me the world I long for

And take my life for my dreams to resist the internal war.

"Follow a star," they always say - Great advice, but which one?

What if I spend my life chasing a dull and distant sun?

I'll take my liquid dreams over your false realities any day

The real world is too hard and it takes my strength away.

Liquid dreams aren't cheap though - They take a heavy toll,

Not only what's in your pocket, but mind, body and soul.

Would you have the courage to admit to your fantasies?

Admit that there's more to liquid dreams than a gentle tease.

You tell me it won't happen, you tell me it cannot be,

But you haven't drunk liquid dreams, you cannot possibly see.

I know I have a chance and I know the world ain't waiting,

But I ain't waiting for the world, it's easier to go on hating.

Hating the world for what I am and the man that wants to set me free.

Tell him that I like my liquid dreams and that I don't need society.

I do not love humanity although you tell me not to hate.

You say your prayers every night, but take the devil's bait.

There ain't much left to look for in your dull and empty shell

Because we sit upon the eve of something that will soon toll the bell.

If I attempt to rejoin the world, you won't take me in.

I've traveled too far from society and resources are too thin.

Instead I'll fade from reality and fall back to my liquid dreams.

There ain't much more to fall on in this world, it ain't what it seems.

I live a life of liquid dreams and on cloud nine I sit

Laughing at all of you who try to drag me from a darkened pit.

You'll never know and maybe you'll never care

You'll never live your liquid dreams. You'll live your life in fear.



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