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I looked around moodily. I didn't know why I even had to go to this stupid party. Oh yeah, my mother decided I had come of age to be introduced to the Olympians. Whatever. The only person of interest at this thing was the guy standing over in a corner. He didn't fit in at all. Long-ish straight black hair fell over a pale face with severe features. A fairly narrow jaw, straight nose, high cheekbones, midnight blue eyes. He was gorgeous. So were the three women he was standing with. One with shoulder length black hair and rings marching up both her ears. She was wearing a tight black sleeveless shirt and flared white pants. The second had a pixie cut streaked acid green with a gage in one ear and a black button in the other. She was wearing a loose black top with really large sleeves and a short dark denim skirt. The last was the prettiest, she had long black hair, falling pin straight down to her waist. She was wearing a form-fitting red dress. It was sleeveless with a v neck, and fell to about her knees. It also sparkled slightly when the light hit it just right. Suddenly, the man with them looked up and his dark blue eyes locked onto my bright green orbs. I felt like a deer caught in the headlights, I had no idea what to do! I was pretty sure that they were the ones I was not allowed to talk to. My mother, Demeter, had told me not to speak to the ones that were 'different'. She's really judgmental sometimes! The man started to walk over to me, weaving around dancing gods and goddesses and nymphs and sprites and whoever else was at the party. The entire time he never broke eye contact with me. I tried to size him up as he walked over. I remembered from earlier he was wearing an expensive looking black suit, which really didn't fit with his long hair. He looked like the kind of god to be more comfortable in jeans and a loose jacket. He reached my side after a moment and smiled.

"Hello," he said softly. He had the most beautiful voice ever. It was deep and rich, and I bet he had an amazing laugh.

"Hi," I squeaked.

"I'm Hades," he introduced. I smiled. I figured that was who he was, but I wasn't sure. That's why I wasn't allowed to speak to him. The dreaded older brother of my illegitimate father.

"I'm Persephone, but I suppose you already knew that," I laughed. He laughed too, and I almost died. He did have the most amazing laugh.

"Yes, I do recall hearing something about the person this party was being held for."

"Ugh, don't remind me. I hate this party. I didn't want a birthday party this huge! I just wanted to go shopping or vacation somewhere with Eros."

"Oh. Are you and Eros…?" he trailed off.

"Oh, no!" I assured him. He sighed and grinned.

"Good. The thought of competing for your attention seems like an impossible task set against Eros." I blushed furiously. Competing for my attention?

"Oh, he is pretty cute. But he's my best friend."

"PERSEPHONE! I TOLD YOU NOT TO TALK TO HIM!" Demeter screeched as she stormed over. Hades smiled.

"Demeter darling, it's been to long! How are you, dear sister?"

"Get away! Keep your filth away from my daughter! Who invited you? GETOUT!" I sighed.

"I was just going." On going he snapped his fingers and disappeared. Demeter sighed.

"Persephone, I told you not to talk to him."

"He isn't a bad person! You're just afraid that I might like someone other than Hermes!" I protested loudly.

"DEMETER!" a very drunken Zeus yelled. "GREAT PARTY! TELL PERSEPHONE HAPPY BIRTHDAY FROM ME!!" he yelled.

"Thank you, father!" I yelled back across the room. Before mother could continue yelling at me I slipped away, weaving in between the people like a snake. Once I reached a column I stopped and hit behind it.

"That's not going to help a hell of a lot, darling," a familiar voice chimed out from nearby.

"Shut up, Eros." I grinned and looked over. "Ooo! Is that for me?" I asked, pointing at the champagne flute in his hand. He nodded and handed it to me. I didn't actually drink alcohol a lot, only on special occasions.

"So," he started as I was drinking. "I saw you talking to Hades." I choked on my champagne.

"Eros! Why is that any of your business?"

"Well, remember a few weeks ago I tested a special kind of Love Arrow on you?"

"You have got to be kidding me."

"It's designed to find your true love, not just the first guy you see." I rolled my eyes.

"I hate you so much, Eros."

"I love you too darling!" He wrapped a tanned arm around my equally tanned shoulder. He was a bit taller than me. Well, okay, he was a lot taller than me. By like, five or six inches. But at his six foot he was taller than most people. Except for Zeus and Apollo. Eros had curly blonde hair and bright blue eyes. He was also the gayest person I had ever met.

"So who were the three women he was with, is he like, a polygamist or something?" Eros laughed.

"No, those are the Furies, Tisiphone, Megara and Alecto. Tisi, Meg and Alec for short. Tisi is the one with the black shirt and white pants, Meg is the one with the green streaks and Alec is the one in the pretty red dress. Damn. It's dresses like that that make me wish I was a girl," Eros sighed. I punched his shoulder lightly. "I love your dress too, Persephone!" And it was magnificent. I had on a floor length sea foam green dress, decorated with real pearls. A gift from Poseidon. The sleeves were tight down to my elbows then the fabric just draped elegantly and loosely along the rest of my arms. I had forgone gloves, because I really hated wearing them. My hair was done up on top of my head. One of the nymphs who was especially good at things like that had helped me. I had more pearls decorating my golden blonde hair. Another string adorned my neck, and two pearl drops hung from my ears.

"Persephone!" my mother called out in a happy voice. "Persephone, come here! I want you to meet someone!" I sighed and made my way over to her, tugging Eros along behind me. "Persephone, this is Hermes!" mom called out happily. I almost laughed at how uncomfortable he looked. It appeard he had been forced into a stuffy suit and tie, and someone had combed his longish hair in an attempt to make him look nice. Of course, I had already met Hermes, but this was for formalities. I smiled graciously at him.

"Hermes, what an honour to meet you." I curtsied to him as he bowed.

"And you, Persephone. How lovely you look tonight." I saw him glance at Eros out of the corner of his eye. But of course, who in their right mind wouldn't notice Eros, dressed in nice jeans and an untucked white button up shirt.

"This is Eros," I said, gesturing to him. Eros bowed to Hermes.

"Hello Eros," he said in a quieter voice. Eros looked nervous.

"Hello, Hermes."

"Persephone, would you do me the honor of this dance?" I nodded and took Hermes' arm. He lead me out to the dance floor and lead me through a slow waltz, then a fast tango. After that I excused myself to get some punch from the refreshments table. Hermes nodded and drifted off, dancing some more, talking to others, and generally being charming while looking uncomfortable in a stuffy suit. I did giggle a bit, and laughed outright when I saw Eros staring at Hermes when he wasn't looking and Hermes staring at Eros when he wasn't looking. Oh, this would be fun!

"Why, hello Persephone! Fancy seeing you here!" someone said. I turned around and smiled.

"Hello, Lord Hades," I curtsied. He smiled.

"Just Hades." We talked some more, and he invited me down to the Underworld. I politely declined, but asked him all about it. While he was describing Elysium I saw a tiny golden arrow hit his neck and melt into his skin. He stopped mid-sentence and I froze. What was I going to tell him? That Eros had just hit him with a Love Arrow? The kind that makes you fall in love with the first person you see? Yeah right. He shook his head dazedly and looked up at me.

"What was I just saying?" he asked. His charming smile was gone though and he just looked nervous.

"You were describing Elysium. But you can finish some other time. You need some time to collect your thoughts right now. You might be light headed for a bit, but it will pass. So will the feelings that are running through you right now. It won't last long." I reached up and placed a kiss on his right cheek. "See you soon, Hades." I drifted off, mentally searching for Eros.

"Persephone?" I heard Hades call.

"Yes?" I turned and looked at him expectantly.

"Never mind." I smiled.

"Good bye, Hades."

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