in the venom of the moment's mind,
I can remember you smiling,
surrounded by stacks of magazines,
and goodbyes,
some are yours and some are not,
some belong to those you left behind,
and they buzz like radio frequencies,
but you dont seem to know they're there.

and when I heard you coming,
sliding down the impromptu highway ice slopes,
I built a gate to keep you out,
but you charmed your way into my onion heart,
and I let the gates slip apart and you were inside.

So easily, did paradise open for you,
when at the same moment, hell began for me,
misery, sunk its teeth in every word,
weighed it down with ten pounds,
so heavy I could not speak, and could not quench my thirst,

it killed me upright I could not speak,
My arms would not move,
against my will,
though nothing at all was holding them still,
and so then, when finally, I forced myself to object,
one of your goodbyes flew at me,
and choked me half to death,
so just like that, you were gone.