Insane Care Why did I do it I have no idea. I don't no why a lot of things are occurring at this point. I can't, no I don't think anymore. Its like a television without a connection just a lot of static. Only due to the fact that there was too much to think about. Now all of life is a blur just passing by and I don't give a fuck. Who dies who lives I could truthfully careless as long as the blood is left on my blade. Yes my blade I kill only for the pleasure of the drowning mellows of the greedy, innocent, and anyone who I choose and the demon of despair. My only rival being the angel of death but she'll be dead soon enough. Although I could do without a hord of anger soldiers incessantly pursuing me in their vague attempts to become "heros" to a society that will most likely end them the first time the "step outside the box." Does false honor and material trinkets mean more to these men than their lives? Then what does that make me the alpha male, god is my enemy lucifer is my wing man and I am scared of the ones I destroy. Hundreds of identical pawns creep toward me and my hearts yelps in pain blood rushes and I am my only warmth in a place of tundra cold. What am I afraid of, death? No, only the unrealized slaughtering of family ties and lives in their prime. Red pupils dye red with thick blood and next is sudden blackout....I did it again another generation cut short by my blade no other stands beside me but all lay beside me blessing my with their physical life force. I only have one fight left my voyage to the underworld to face the prince of darkness. FIGHT ME YOU SADISTIC BASTARD!