the sweetest girl
october lies (february 16th, 2009)

"closed legs don't get fed"
the sweetest girl, wyclef jean ft. lil wayne, akon, and niia

you're the kind of bad girl
that fathers warn their sons about,
that my father warned me about, and
say, "they know how to get into your heart,
before you can get in their pants
they'll leave, and
before you realize it,"

(his hand on my fourteen year old's shoulder,
imagining red lipstick and the taste
of cigarettes, the slipping beer bottle;
he looks at me gravely and tells me
he never thought he'd see the day
that he'd tell his daughter those words, instead.
two years later, i'm cradling Skyy in between my fingers,
and waiting for the world to slow down.
i can hear your fancy words echo in my mind,
and feel my heart taking the beating
for not listening sooner.
my body remembers the way your fingers felt
on my back, on my neck,
touching on my cheek.
all the weeks that i waved off my father's words,
filled with more wisdom than i had ever thought,
were wasted on a girl like you.

my father knew you better than i did)

"they're usually the ones
you want the most"

i miss you, megs.
and i sorta hate that i do.