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Remember when I said that it's funny how whenever you're trying your hardest not to think about something, that something is the only thing on your mind? Well it's also funny how whenever you're trying your hardest to avoid someone that person seems to pop up everywhere you go.

And no that person is not Josh.

It's Erin.

I purposely drove to school later so she wouldn't have time to come find me in the morning. I asked for a bathroom pass every time it looked like she was coming towards me in class. I even hid from her in the library during our entire free period because I knew she wouldn't go there. But just when the last bell rang I thought I was safe until tomorrow guess who comes into my last period class fully packed with a smile on her face. Yup, it was Erin. Plotting an escape from her wasn't even an option because I knew she would catch me. All I could do was sit there and wait for the next 30 seconds of my life to pass me by…. The bell finally rang and Erin pranced her way over to me. From the outside she probably looked like a harmless friend coming early to meet her best friend after class but really she was more like an intimidating lion on the hunt…and I was her prey. When Erin wanted information from me she always got it, whether she asked nicely and I gave up or she just forced it out of me. I had a feeling this was going to be one of those times when she just forced it out of me.

"Wow. Im surprised you didn't try to run away."

She smiled semi-evilly over my desk. I swung my backpack over my shoulders and stood facing her.

"It crossed my mind but I decided against it. Besides it's not like you ever give up."

She followed me out of the classroom and down the hall to my locker.

"Smart girl. So why don't we just make this easy and you go ahead and tell me what happened last night?"

I sighed heavily as I knelt down and started to key in my locker combination. Hundreds of students flooded the halls and hung out at their lockers discussing their days and which teachers they hated most. I would have much rather told her the situation when there were less people in the halls that way there would be no chance of a nosey eavesdropper but we both knew that wasn't an option. Thankfully while I was packing at my very own slow pace the halls quickly cleared out faster than normal.

"Im still waiting." She tapped her foot as she towered over me and I finally finished packing and stood next to her, face to face. "Come on, Liz, I don't have all day."

"I need you to drive my car home today. Just bring it to school tomorrow and I'll get it back then, please."

"Ok but why do you want me to do that?"

Erin was boring a hole straight through my skull and it was driving me insane. My heart seriously went out to whoever was going to be her husband because I knew it wasn't going to be an easy job. Hell, being her best friend wasn't an easy job. I can only imagine what hell she's going to put him through if he ever messed up.

"…Because Im going somewhere after school and the person that I'm going with is driving me home."

Please don't ask who. Please please, God don't let her ask who.

"Oh ok. But who are you going with? And where?"

Well I tried.

"Josh and he's taking me to the mall to look for a dress to the Halloween masquerade."

Immediately Erin's lips curled together to keep from exposing a huge smile and he eyes grew wider with every word that spilled from my mouth. I don't know why but for some strange reason I thought that she would be angry at me for even thinking about agreeing to that but obviously I was so very wrong on many many levels. Erin let out a loud screech and hugged me.

"Oh my gosh this is great! I can't believe you're going with Josh to the dance. This is unbelievable!"

"Yeah, and it better be unreal too, because the only girl going with Josh to that dance is me. Isn't that right Kiwi?"

Gina and Kiwi appeared around the corner. Her arms were crossed tightly over her huge chest and her head was held high and confident. It's beyond obvious why no one ever tries to cross paths with her. The girl looked like a deranged killer sometimes and at the moment she would enjoy nothing better than to see me drop off the face of the earth.

Although I was somewhat terrified, Erin could care less about what slipped out her mouth and who she let it slip to. She squinted her eyes and stepped in front of me.

"Yeah? Well, it seems like the only unreal things here are those." She looked down at Gina's chest and even though she just scoffed and looked away anyone could tell the insult hit her. It was no secret that Gina had convinced her ridiculously rich dad to buy her a new set of twins. After all no one is an A cup junior year and suddenly a C cup senior year. Things like that just don't happen. "And sorry to break it to you honey but Josh has other plans and they obviously don't include you."

"Wait, Erin, actually-" I was going to tell her that Josh really wasn't my date but I should have known that I wouldn't get the sentence out.

"We'll see about that loser. Fifty bucks says that your little friend there is just letting all those rumors go to her head. Like my Josh would ever want her? Ha! That's rich. Come Halloween night, she better not be there. But for now just tell her to stay away from my man. Got it?"

Erin let out an incredulous laugh.

"Got it? Oh like I'm just supposed to roll over and do whatever a bitch like you tells me? I definitely don't think so. But fifty bucks does sound great-oh but wait! Then how will you buy Kiwi her nose job?"

Both mine and Gina's jaws dropped while Kiwi just buried her face in her hands. For the first time all day a smile crept across my face. Gina regained her composure and stabbed Erin with one of her pointy manicured fingers.

"Look loser-"

Erin slapped her hand away and pushed Gina hard.

"Loser? Oh touch me again princess and I'll show you what a loser can do!"

At that moment all I was wishing for was someone to come and break them up before they really started fight and almost like magic, Josh appeared between them holding his arms out.

"Whoa! Stop it!"

He looked between the both of them and then his eyes landed on me. Confusion was smeared across his face as he blinked hard at reality. His girlfriend was about two seconds from getting her ass handed to her by my best friend and I was almost positive he was starting to understand why. Gina lunged forward and wrapped Josh in a tight protecting hug.

"Baby! Im so glad you're here. Can you believe these losers were ready to jump me and Kiwi for no apparent reason?"

Oh no she didn't!

Josh eased his way out of her arms and shook his head.

"Look, Gina, I don't really care what's going on here, but I don't have time for it." He lowered his voice and looked at me. "Liz are you ready to go?"

Gina's jaw dropped wider than it did at Erin's dig on Kiwi's nose. After all it's not every day that your boyfriend is asking another girl if she's ready to leave with him. Especially if it's her boyfriend.

"Excuse me? Ready to go? Ready to go where exactly, Josh?"


"Oh." I stepped in front of Gina so that we met eye to eye. I cocked my head to the side and smiled. "Didn't he tell you? Josh I taking me dress shopping…for the Halloween dance."


Josh put his hands on her shoulders and backed her away from the rest of us to calm her down.

"Gina I was going to tell you but can we talk later beca-"

"What the hell, Josh! I'm so not happy right now. You're going to make this up to me later and I better like it. Let's go Kiwi! Now."

She stomped off angrily and sure enough Kiwi followed quickly just like the little puppet she was. She opened the exit door for Gina scared that not doing so would set her off even more.

Josh sighed and rubbed his index and thumb fingers over his eyebrows. He knelt down and picked up my backpack.

"Are you coming?"

"Yeah, I'll be right there." I smiled holding up one finger to him. "I'll call you later Erin."


I turned and started to walk silently down the hall with Josh but just as we hit the exit doors I stopped.

"Josh I think I should hold my own bag."

He shook his head.

"No that's ok I got it."

He was about to push the door open but I placed my hand over his.

"Seriously, Josh, Gina's mad enough. Don't you think her seeing you carrying my stuff will only make thing worse?"

He laughed and handed me the backpack.

"I think you're right."

One reason why shopping has never been my favorite hobby is that I am too complicated. I never see anything I like unless someone picks it out for me and even then I'm still skeptical. Josh and I had been looking at dresses for the past 4 hours and I still didn't find one that I thought was even remotely my type of dress. We even had to take a break to go eat. But I have to give Josh his props. The boy was a good shopping buddy. I guess the whole situation was my fault then. Forgetting the fact that I didn't even know what size I was, I also take about five minutes just to put on one dress.

"You know, I bet that if I had a sister, she wouldn't even get dressed as slow as you."

He spun around in circles in a chair outside my dressing room. Both sides of the walls were packed with two piles of dresses; the dresses that I didn't try on yet and the dresses that I just didn't like.

"Oh hush. Why don't you try on a dress and see how easy it is."

"I did. An as a guy I must say, it's pretty pathetic that I can put on a dress faster than you."

He started laughing at me and my cheeks turned a bright red. Thank God for doors. That was pretty pathetic on my part. I think it was safe to say that I had tried on every style dress the mall had to offer and so far I didn't like any of them.

"So I'm assuming you need a ride to school tomorrow?"

Josh called over to me. I looked at the blue puffy skirt (from the poll) in the mirror and it was beautiful but it was too fairytale like for me. My goal may have been to find love at the ball but that didn't mean I had to look like Cinderella. I took off the dress almost falling over in the process.

"Why would I need a ride-?"

Oh great.

I hadn't even thought about the fact that Erin had my car and there was absolutely no way my mom was going to get up in the morning and take me to school. But then again why should I be upset? I always wanted to be to girl who was lucky enough to ride with Josh to school. Only we're just friends and he's trying to hook me up with someone else. Perfect. Sometimes the ways dreams come true really sucks.

"Yeah, I guess I will. Thanks Josh."

"No prob."

"Ma'am I found another dress for you. I think you might like it."

The sales lady said as she eyed Josh slouching down in the chair. Obviously someone was tired of shopping with me. I stepped out of the dressing room slowly, scared that I wouldn't like the dress but I was so very wrong. In her hands she held a beautiful floor length grey dress with a unique layered corset top. I absolutely couldn't wait to try it on.

"Wow. It's perfect. Thank you."

"I hope it's perfect. You only have an hour and a half left before the mall closes."

I grabbed the dress out the woman's hands and went back into the dressing room. Josh's phone started ringing and I heard him talking to his mom on the other line.

"Yeah, mom, well be there soon…Yeah…"

He continued the call as I finished slipping the dress on. I looked in the mirror and smiled to myself. The dress hugged every curve of my body and flowed down nicely at the bottom. The only thing missing was my mask and shoes, which I would have Erin help me look for later. I took in a deep breath and slowly opened the door to the dressing room.


He spun around to face me and almost fell out of the chair. I covered my mouth to stifle a laugh and shrugged my shoulders.

"What do you think?"

His jaw hung open as he stared at me with wide open eyes. I felt a blush creeping up my skin so I looked away.

"What did you say, mom?...Ok…Umm-huh?" he scratched his head trying to get his words straight. "Wait-what? ...Uh ok, yeah ill tell her. Ok bye."

He hung up the phone and stood up. He stood there silent for about ten seconds fidgeting with his phone. I started laughing and hit him on the arm to knock him back into reality.

"Can you say something, please?"

"Umm yeah, sorry. Wow you look amazing, Liz…God, you're gonna look so beautiful at the ball."

I smiled jumping up and down. I repeatedly thanked him and jumped into his arms for a really big hug.

"We're finally done!" I raced back into the dressing room and put my normal clothes back on. "Are you sure you want to pay for this? It's really expensive, Josh."

He took the dress out of my hands and handed his card to the saleslady.

"Im sure, Liz. Mark is going to jump out of his skin when he sees you."

"Wait. Is his name Matt or Mark? I'm so confused. And jump out of his skin like you?" I started laughing when he put his head down to hide a blush.

"It's Mark and I couldn't help it…" He looked at me from the corner of his eye. "You're gorgeous."

I bit my lip hard and tried to focus on anything but what he had said. How was it even possible that a guy like Josh could call me gorgeous? Pretty? Sure. Beautiful? That's a stretch, but gorgeous? Wow. I literally wanted to melt right then and there.

"Have a nice day."

The lady smiled and handed the dress to Josh to hold. He grabbed me around my waist while we were walking and kissed me on the forehead.

"And yes I did call you gorgeous."

I was about to open my mouth to protest but he cut me off. This was good because I have no idea what I was going to say anyway.

"It's the truth, too. But anyways my mom wants you to come over for dinner tonight. Will you?"

I smiled and wrapped my arm back around him. Nothing, not even Gina, could make me hate this day.

"I'd love to."

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