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Teddy Bear

With one of his extended hands out, the other one brought the bottle to his lips, and he took a gulp of the water. It had been a beer bottle before, but now drinken, it held something more pure. His mind was thinking, pondering of the night before. It had been a party, a party with people he had never met before. He had been feeling lonesome again, and he wanted to party, maybe meet someone. A friend, perhaps.

No, he was all alone. Both of his parents hated him, one of the reasons he was a loner. He graduated high school without a friend nor a girlfriend, and he never went to college. He spent his days in a house up on a hill not far off the city. People would come to his house for parties, and they would pay him. That's how he made his money daily, and he was only nineteen.

It wasn't too late, no, he chose to remain this way, he recalled. He didn't want to deal with having to care for someone. So there he sat on the porch, drinking water from a beer bottle, watching the sun evaporate the forest with its rays. The early morning attracted many blue birds and other forest creatures, and he could see a city not far off take its morning with the palm of its hand. He rose from the steps and took a last swig from the bottle, hurling into a nearby brush. He wiped his lips with his arm and went inside.

His home was a mess. There were empty beer bottles on tables and chairs, and glasses were scattered in the kitchen. Toilet paper covered the stairs, and clothes were piled up on the floor. He sighed and scratched the back of his head, not bothering to even begin the cleaning. He made his way over to the couch and sighed hopelessly, his eyes gray and weak. Whimpering appeared from the stairs, and there approached him a dog. A golden retriever.

The dog, collarless, approached him. "Well. where did you come from?" he asked the mutt and smiled, petting the dog as he took a seat. He thought about having a pet and grinned again, wider. "What would you like to be called?"

The dog whimpered once more and set his head down on the man's lap. "Well, let's see. Your fur is nice, very fine, and you look kind of thin. You're in good shape. Just like a teddy bear." The dog's head rose, and the man's eyes widened.

"Teddy Bear? You like that name? I think that's kind of what a girl would name her dog-"

The dog barked wildly, and the man was taken back.

"Okay, I'll call you Teddy Bear! My name's Joshua, but I don't expect you to understand that." Teddy Bear rested his head again on Joshua's lap, and Joshua chuckled. "Well, Teddy Bear, I guess it's just you and me."

The dog jumped up on the couch and fell on the cushion next to Joshua. He patted the dog on its stomach and glanced out the window. The bright orb was up and shining down on the earth, smiling. The trees swayed back and forth to a stronger breeze than usual, and deer grazed grass at the meadows. Predators stalked their prey slyly, those who hunt during the day. The owls were peacefully asleep, and the woodpeckers began their day's work. Baby birds awaited for their mothers in their nests.

Disturbances began to appear as there was gunfire and a flock of birds uneasily flew away. Animals shrieked and ran for cover, hoping they weren't the next victims of a gun's destruction. Hunters set up traps among the fall leaves and continued their trek in hope for an unaware rabbit or a raccoon's nest containing a sleeping raccoon.

Patches of treeless, dead grounds were occupied by dead leaves, and no animal dared step foot on them, cautiously trotting around. The animal world was busy, but Joshua wasn't, scratching a stray dog's belly in his messy party house.

He glanced back at the sleeping dog, his new Teddy Bear. "Yeah, buddy," he whispered, "Just you and me for the rest of our lives." He shifted his gaze back to the window. Wondering about how long did he really have to live.

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