The wind whipped my face as I sprinted away for the one person that managed to hurt me the most. The reassuring beat of my worn-out sneakers flowed to my ears and matched my staggering heartbeat. My breathing became heavy pants as my breath became short. I knew I wasn't fast enough, I knew that I didn't have what it took to get away from him. But the question I really need to answer is : do I want to?

I can hear him behind me, catching up to my major head start that I was given. Running past the park I decided what the heck let's go into the forest. Running now on over dead leaves and bits of snow I travelled long and far without him catching me. My legs ache, my lungs burned and my heart throbbed but I didn't stop. I couldn't stop. I wouldn't stop.

Besides I didn't even figure out if I was going to forgive him.

When she started running I knew I was in for a major chase. Now that she has such a resolve to get away from me, it was going to last long. Legs pumping forward I was thinking about what to say once I caught her. But what else is there to say? The words have been dripping from my tongue ever since I told her the truth.

I'm sorry.

There were thing I wanted to tell her that I haven't said; things that I haven't said to anyone, three words that pains a man to speak of around his group of friends. Three words that I feel every time I look into her eyes.

I love her.

Yes I love her. I knew of this fact when I saw the pained expression in her eyes at the hospital. I never want to cause her pain again.


I realised how much she means to me. How much I enjoyed her smile, her laugh, her touch. And when it was gone I knew that I couldn't let that happen again; it felt like my heart was eating itself inside out. Memories kept replaying in my mind, like the time I finally got her to let go of her grief and sadness; she spilt her guts to me. And what I do with it? I take a knife, stab it, and let it hang for the birds to feed.

I finally started to get tired; my legs were slowing down on me into a jog through the forest trying to avoid roots and rocks along the way. My eyes stared straight ahead though, looking at the brunette who managed to change my life and turn it upside down. But as I said before now that I'm in, I'm not getting out of her life.

I was really tired. Exhausted even. My movements became very sluggish; my legs not co-operating with my brain's commandment of up and down movement. At last gave up. I stopped. Falling down to the ground I held my knees as tears sprung in my eyes again. Not long afterward I heard and felt Adel collapse beside me. Using his arms that I came to love and treasure he embraced me, brining my head to his chest. I cried softly into him, making it seem as though he's absorbing my tears, my pain.

Felling wetness on my brow I looked up to see Adel's eyes swimming with unshed tears, his eyes such I powder blue I never seen before. We sat there and cried; his arms encircling me into a tighter hold. Rumbles of thunder echoed above us, but we didn't care. Shedding tears were the only action that was taking place at the moment. But then he spoke, a raspy quiet whisper, and I swear I melted into his arms at his words.

"Randa, I love you. Now and forever."

My world started spinning again.

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