In her vocal version of events, she's the hero.
The tragic victim to his lies.
Story's told in black and white, with no room for
our darling victim to play the manipulator.

The hapless foe of this tale, met his match in her.
He may be stronger, more aptly fit for battle.
But she's a sneaky girl for sure, with lies for every
truth he tells.

With plans in plans, she's lain herself down for a siege.
She only looks easy. She only looks like she would crumble
to dust at the first hard blow.
Enter, stage right, the foe. He's only RSVPing to
the invitation.

Still the uncouth would-be-foe hasn't
quite gotten the whole picture.
She smiles and deceives like breathing.

But here's where it deviates from her
cunning plan; the foe, he dreams of becoming a prince.
And try as she might, our dearest victim can't paint him completely
at fault.
She colors herself lovesick, redoes her image from the victim to the anti-hero.
Spreads her tale, telling people just enough to make them pity her and
raise anger for the foe.

The foe still stands, laying siege.
With a honeyed voice he calls for her to open the gates.
Eyes big, she leans over the sides and declines to
allow him access.

For a while, this continues, then out victim tuned anti-hero
She gives the foe just enough to rip down her defenses and almost
force his way in.

But this isn't what she wanted.
This wasn't part of the plan.
She stops her fighting, she lets him win.

Our foe shed's his guise as hapless
and displays his claws and teeth.
He is too rough, scratching and biting,
drawing blood just to prove he can.

Now our Victim is really the Victim.
She's trapped in her own web.
She falls back on old habits, feigns enjoyment
for lack of a better plan or greater skill.

This is a few months old. I was planning on finishing it and making it into some kind of performance piece, but I didn't. Hopefully, one day I'll come back to this.