I wrote this on February 10, so keep in mind that this was before. Warning, this isn't a happy tune, it also doesn't follow the basic rules of English =] [And I still can't find my notebook, someone has stolen it]

Silent Teardrops, Silent Screams

Silent teardrops

The pounding rain

Darkness all around me

All I feel is pain


They've stripped me of my rights

The happiness, dignity

There's no such this as forever

Always an end, no infinity


I now watch the sky

Darken with gloom, every passing hour

Everything must die In the end

Even the most beautiful of flowers


Tap tap tap

Goes the hoards of raindrops

They make a reflective pool

The same colour as these heartless rocks


I used to love the rain

But even then I smiled

Now I only observe, stare

Faceless, merely mild


Flash goes the lightning

The thunder roars in greeting

I only blink in response

Just another familiar meeting


Then there's the sun

That rises from the ashes

Just a faint lightened blur against this madness

Another idol for the masses


It's carnage now present

Everything's dead, simply lifeless

Beliefs have now collapsed

Where the veil of lies finally arises


No birds now soar high

Up in this non existent sky

No oceans wash against the shores

No dreams to neither be free nor fly


I cried when you left

I withered to nothing waiting for your return

Then you died, in this daylight sun

It is now my time to mourn


I still wait for you, alone

My hands fog up this cold glass

Face pressed up close onto the window

You're just another hope that died amongst their mess


A scream, I jolt

From these ice cold sweltering covers

The ceiling is bland, the garden brown

I look around me, there is no attending lover


Just another dream, I think to myself

One other promise

The moon now shines its silver light high

Maybe soon, the land shall flourish


Or maybe love truly doesn't exist

Maybe the sadists were right all along

But I will still wait for your return

Even when this body is no longer strong

But gone

I found writing this was disheartening and sad, but also reflective. Is this how I think? I truly don't know. Maybe you, the reader can decipher what my tired brain was trying to say?

As nobody listens

Because nobody cares