Chapter 3

The following morning, Anna walked into school to find Nathaniel confronting the guy who bothered her yesterday. "Nathaniel?" she whispered coming from behind him.

Nathaniel smiled when he heard her voice. "Hi there, Anna. I'll be with you in a moment...I'm just having a conversation with this, ah...gentleman." He peered over his shoulder and smiled sweetly.

He turned back to the boy and whispered something in his ear.

What he said must have been incredibly frightening, because the boy fled with a sick look on his face.

"Aha, fun."

"What did you say to him?" Anna asked looking up at him confused like.

"Not much...just that if he ever did that to any lady ever again I would find out, hunt him down and castrate him..." Nathaniel wrapped an arm around her. "But I didn't touch a hair on his head.."

"Good boy." Anna said looking up at him. "You get one cookie." she said closing her eyes.

Nathaniel pouted. "Awe, only one cookie? I like cookies..." he said with a little sigh and he licked her lips just as her eyes closed.

Anna opened her eyes blinking. "A cookie equals anything you want to do.." she said blushing.

"Ah, is that so?" he asked, a small smile on his lips. He liked that idea...

Anna slowly pulled from him. "I need to get to class, alright?" she said smiling up at him. "See you later." she said running away towards class.

Nathaniel watched her run away, only then realizing he too had a class. "Adieu!" he called after her, and ran in the opposite direction. "Ugh...math."

After class, Anna left the class room quickly. Never would she think she was eating lunch with Nathaniel. But before she could get outside, someone grabbed her arm.

She looked over her shoulder to see a rather tough looking guy. "Can you please, let go?" she asked trying to get her arm out of his grasp.


Nathaniel had decided to surprise Anna by meeting her at her classroom. He had set off early, but someone had started to talk to him, and had babbled about /something/. By the time he had been able to escape, it was a little late. Doubtful that Anna would still be there, he called out softly.


"You go out with Nathaniel, correct?" The boy asked in a mono toned voice.

"I don't...really know." she whispered to herself. "What do you want?"

"Come with me and you'll see." He said with a lustful smile. "This could break him, and let my school win." he said pulling her by the arm forcefully. "Lets go."

"I said let go!" Anna screamed out loud, trying to get from his grasp.

Hearing a distant scream, Nathaniel hastened towards it. He truly ran, hair bouncing in the movement. He was panicked - because he was sure it had been Anna's voice he'd heard. Someone was hurting her, and that enraged him.

He turned the corner of the corridor that her classroom was on, and paused to catch his breath. He'd kick the behind of whomsoever laid a finger on Anna.

The boy, named Sai looked up from Anna. "Speaking of the devil..he's here." he said smiling and tilting his head. "Hello, Nathaniel."

Anna looked over her shoulder at him. "Nathaniel.." she whispered softly, as she was spun around by Sai. He was going to have fun pushing Nathaniel's buttons.

"Let everyone know that my school won that fight a week ago." Sai said lifting up his hands, and touching Anna on the stomach. "If you don't this...lovely little girl will become my new bunny." he said touching Anna ever so slightly on the breast. "Deal?"

Nathaniel's fists balled at his sides. Not only was the bastard feeling up Anna, but he was ordering him to lie about the outcome of a fight.

"Ah, but you didn't...your school failed dismally..." Nathaniel muttered, walking over slowly. He wanted to hurt Sai so badly that he wouldn't be able to be recognized as human any more.

"Let her the fuck go before I kick your ass again..."

Anna closed her eyes and blushed darkly. "I said let me go...!" she whispered harshly before elbowing him in the stomach, then punching him in the face.

She held her fist, and back away from him to stand in front of Nathaniel. "That really hurt." she whispered holding her fist and staring down at the knocked out Sai.

Nathaniel gasped and stared. " knocked him out. He's down, you...oh my little pacifist knocked a guy nearly twice her size out. I'm so proud of let's go quickly, yes?" he wrapped his arms around her and placed a kiss on her cheek before raising her fist to his lips and kissing the knuckles gently too. "I'm so proud of you.."

Anna blushed and looked away. "Y-Yeah. Come on." she said softly and began running off with Nathaniel. As soon as they got outside any away from everyone, she touched her chest. "...Why does every guy lately touch me here?" she whispered out blushing.

"...Guys are drawn to breasts. And those are pretty spectacular, you have to admit..." Nathaniel joked, trying to lighten the mood a little. He poked the tip of her nose and shrugged.

"...If you were really desperate, you could bind them down. If there's nothing to fondle, people usually won't try..."

Anna looked up at him. "Yeah." she said softly and leaned against the wall. "You gain another want to use one of them?"

Nathaniel tilted his head to the side. "...Well do I get a real cookie too?" he asked hopefully, leaning against her ever so slightly. His hand caressed her cheek and he smiled despite himself. Ah, she was just so cute...

"If I have any." Anna said blushing and leaning against the wall. "Or you could pretend I'm a cookie.." she whispered softly.

Nathaniel smiled at the blush - damn near delectable. "So you want me to eat you all up?" he whispered into her ear, his voice a purposely seductive growl.

"Yes." Anna whispered softly to him. Shivering slightly. "Sorry, had a chill." she said smiling slightly.

Nathaniel laughed softly and shook his head. "You're a riddle. Excited by danger...and all at once you seem to be afraid of everything and nothing..." he whispered and licked a long line from her ear to the corner of her mouth.

Anna kissed him softly on the lips. "Maybe...I get aroused from seeing you overprotective of me." she whispered softly. "After all..." she slowly pulled out of the kiss. "You might love fighting...and I don't but, I like seeing you defend me." she said closing her eyes.

"Ah, but I didn't get a chance to defend you - you punched the bugger out. And you have no idea how hot that is to a guy like me..." Nathaniel wrapped his arms around her securely. "I don't think I really need to defend you, but...well I promise to as much as I can..."

Anna looked away resting her head against his chest. "When someone corners me, or holds me back. I snap sometimes, and punch." she said softly looking up at him. "That was hot?" she asked blushing a dark red.

"Incredibly so. A woman able to give some back, and not just be a meek little thing...mmm..." Nathaniel nodded and placed a kiss on her forehead. He shivered a little - and not from the cold.

"I almost want you to hit me...but I'm a little afraid of how much it could hurt..." he smiled teasingly.

Anna blinked. "If you ever do anything stupid enough for me to hit you, I will." she said softly and leaning against the wall. "Two choices: Save it, or use a cookie right now."

Nathaniel groaned softly and pressed himself against her gently. "You rush a man, don't you? Even do look simply delicious at the moment...cookie time, I suppose..."

He wondered what would happen if Anna decided cookie time was in order and he had no cookies saved made him laugh inside.

Anna closed one eye. "W-well, I'm just saying." she said softly looking up at him. "Do I really?" she asked quietly. "You can eat me."

Nathaniel took a deep, calming breath and lowered his lips to her ear again. "I'll bite and kiss and lick every inch of you...but not here, anyone could see. I want to preserve your modesty, missy."

Anna trembled slightly. "Want to...go to your place?" she asked quietly. "Say we got sick?"

"I don't mind that idea at're more mischievous than I give you credit for..." Nathaniel picked her up a little, pulled her tight against his body and spun around with her in his arms until he was the one closer to the wall, and the the one in front. He offered his arm to her. "Shall we?"

Anna nodded and walked towards his house. Holding his hand, ignoring the stares from the students. After telling the teacher they were sick to there stomach, and getting their stuff. They arrived at his house.

She looked up at him as they entered his home, and tilted her head to the side. "What...are you going to do to me?"

Nathaniel drove her to a wall - how they seemed to gravitate to them - and pinned her firmly.

"'s not completely formed you see, but thus far I start right around here..." he whispered into her ear again and nipped the earlobe gently.

"And then I kiss and lick down your neck to your collarbone. From there, I keep going down as far as I can before your clothes inhibit me. Then your shirt leaves, and your chest gets the attention it deserves...that's all I've got thus far, what do you think?" he finished, brushing his hand carelessly across the fabric covering her chest. "Damn fabric."

Anna blushed and nodded her head slightly. "T-That sounds...about r-right." she said stuttering slightly. She wasn't scared, just excited.

Nathaniel smiled and slipped his hands to hold her waist. "So you wish to do this standing, or lying?" he asked curiously, slipping a hand under her shirt to caress her hip.

Anna gasped quietly. "Lying." she whispered quietly as she closed her eyes.

He chuckled and removed his hand, instead slipping it into hers. "Well come on remember where my room is, right? Or were you too blinded by desire?" he cooed teasingly as he led her.

"I-I remember." Anna said blushing softly as they entered his room.

"Of course you do...clever little minx..." Nathaniel said as he shut the door behind them and gently pushed her down upon the bed.

Anna stared up at him blushing. "I remember things." she said quietly staring up at him.

Nathaniel nodded and brushed his lips against hers. "Why does it not surprise me that you remember things? You're already too perfect, you had to have a fault -- I'm kidding, don't kill me for that..."

"I'm far from perfect." she whispered kissing him back. "I won't kill you, just punish you.." she said quietly. "If that's okay with you.."

"Punish away, dear...I do deserve it after all. Just a note though...don't as if you can punish someone, it breaks the meaning of punishment..." he laughed softly.

Anna tilted her head slightly, and blushed. "Okay. Okay." she said softly. "You first...this is one cookie you're using" she said softly. "Come get it before it flees."

"Yes yes...who said, cookies can flee?" Nathaniel asked, slipping his hand under her shirt again and letting it nestle on the small of her back.

"Yes they can.." Anna whispered softly. "Come on.." she said tempting him even more, when she placed an innocent look on. "Please.."

He growled ever so softly and started with his half-laid plan, kissing and licking and nipping his way slowly down Anna's neck and across to her collarbones. He breathed gently on the trail tis tongue had left, chilling the skin, before he licked down as low as he could before he was stopped by the fabric. He peered up and pouted. "Nn...I don't like your shirt..."

Anna trembled and looked down at him, breathing softly. "D-Do something about it.." she said swallowing.

"I do believe I will..." Nathaniel agreed and quite skilfully he undid the buttons down the front, immediately slipping his spare hand onto her skin too. He liked how she reacted to his cold hands.

"Much better.."

Anna stared up at him, trembling from his cold touch. "S-So cold." she whispered softly. The only thing in his way now. Was her bra. She just realized how big she was in that one area... Self-contentious about it. She closed her eyes, blushing. Her bra was over flowing- she had been meaning to get a new one..

Nathaniel bit his bottom lip gently as he peered at the large mounds of flesh. Hands, a little warmer now, slid forth and caressed the skin that what bared. He leaned forward and placed a few kisses where his hands touched.

Anna let out a small noise. Almost sounding surprised, but the noise of pleasure soon came after. In a quiet moan.

"I was aware they were large, but not quite so...heh..." he whispered, a pleased smile on his lips. His hands continued to caress the skin, the left moving now to pinch gently a nipple through the fabric.

Anna let out a gasp, then a moan. "I-I've been get a new bra.." she whispered blushing.

Nathaniel laughed softly. "Maybe I could help with always helps to get an outside perspective as to fit, right?" he bent and licked a nipple through the fabric, replacing his hand. "I guess it doesn't matter if this one gets wet then, huh?"

Anna stared down at him. "I-It doesn't matter if it does." she whispered quietly.

Nathaniel took the aforementioned nipple into his mouth, still with the fabric over it, and nipped and licked and kissed and sucked it until the fabric covering it was completely soaked before he moved on to the other.

Was it wrong that he was thoroughly enjoying his 'cookie' thus far?

Anna's breathing quickened very fast. Her face reddened as she touched his head slightly. "I-It's hot.." she whispered blushing.

"That's because you got me all hot and bothered..." he said with a small laugh as he moved up again and captured her lips, continuing to fondle her chest.

"Bother-" she was then cut off when he kissed her, she moaned a couple of short times. Then pulled out of the kiss to breath.

He peered at her with quite wide eyes as she breathed, studying her small movements. She really was quite spectacular...

His fingers crept up and gently brushed the bared skin of her neck. "Nothing. Nothing at all..." he whispered truthfully, kissing her neck where his fingers had just left.

Anna kept her head tilted as she let out a pleasurable moan. "...Nathaniel.." she whispered out, shifting her leg in between his legs. Gently pressing against his private place.

Nathaniel gasped and moaned ever so slightly. "Nn..." he said breathing, licking and kissing the silky skin again. "Heavenly..."

Anna gently rubbed her knee against him. "Y-You're aroused by me.." she whispered blushing, as her breathing picked up.

"How could I not be?" Nathaniel said in the same breathy tone. "You're gorgeous...and ever so sexy..." he practically purred, hands caressing her sides.

Anna looked up at him blushing an even darker shade of red. "A-And just the other said I wasn't your type." she whispered quietly. "Your cookie is almost used up.."

"Oh no...I was so wrong though, so very wrong...and that's a short cookie, Anna..." he sighed. Ah, she was mean...but still lovely. Which was why he kissed her properly again.

Anna smiled up at him before kissing him back. She kept laying back, before sitting up slightly. "...Last treat.." she whispered in a breathless voice, as she fooled with her bra. She took it off and tilted her head. "Ready for the last of the cookie?"

Nathaniel nodded and smiled. He couldn't remember being happier - and he'd been happy quite often with his fighting. But this was just...well it was better, really.

"Ready, yes. But I mourn the loss of it..." he said with a small sigh. Teasing, nothing more. He bit his bottom lip gently. GOD she was gorgeous.

Anna tilted her head slightly. "What are you going to do?" she asked quietly blushing. Teasing him as she covered them up. "They're waiting on you.."

He reached out, uncovering them before he touched them. His hands caressed the sides gently, thumbs slipping up to rub the nipples in a circular motion. He liked touching firm but somehow soft...

He moved closer and moving the thumb of one hand away before he captured that particular nipple in his mouth. He kissed and licked and nipped at it, glad for them to be free of the fabric so he could pay proper attention to them.

Anna tilted her head up breathing deeply as he began to give her breasts attention.

"A-Ahh...Nathaniel...!" she whispered out breathing deeply for air.

Nathaniel chuckled softly against her cute.

He drew his lips from one nipple and gently blew to chill the moisture he had left behind before he took the other into his mouth, beginning a repeat of the previous ministrations.

Anna let out a rather loud moan. Trembling under him, she closed her eyes. "N-Nathaniel.." she whispered quietly.

"Nn?" he responded, questioningly - did she want him to stop?

He gave the nipple a long lick before he blew on it too, and teased them more with his fingertips.

"Y-You've used your cookie up.." Anna whispered quietly in a teasing tone.

Nathaniel pouted and gave the left nipple an extra tweak before he drew away.


Anna stuck her tongue out at him. "Naw.." she said teasing him again. "You're really that excited over me...aren't you."

"Well you're exciting..." Nathaniel said, semi-defensively. "Hard to not be when you're like that..."

Anna laughed softly. "Sorry.." she said softly kissing him on the lips.

"You are not. And I love that about you...wait, nope. You said my cookie was over. No kissy...against the rules..." he pulled away and shook his head.

"Tsk tsk missy..."

Anna tilted her head to the side. "Fine fine." she said slowly sliding off the bed and putting her bra on the best way she could. Then putting on her shirt.

Nathaniel lay on his stomach, watching her. He liked her movements.

"...You sure you don't want to come by my dojo some time in the near future? You'd be good at the you got natural padding..." he laughed softly.

Anna looked over her shoulder at him. "I'm sure." she said smiling at him. "Thank you for the offer." she said softly standing up. "I'll see you tomorrow at school, okay?"

Nathaniel nodded and blew her a kiss.

"See you. And be safe...please be safe. Want me to walk you?" he asked, half-getting up, showing he would happily do so.

Anna smiled waving a hand. "No, no. It's alright." she said softly smiling at him. "See you tomorrow."

He smiled and waved back, watching her go. He sighed happily and snuggled into his pillow.


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