you're leaning into me
like you've got a
permanent space there (you
do) and we talk
about mindmending things and
heartbreaking things, and we

we laugh and
we love like chimes
in the best part
of our lives, and
you tell me, after
a slice of lightning
laser-etches the slope
of your nose into
my heart, you say,
you have a permanent
place in my memories.

and all i can
do is chuckle, because
that is just like
to make me
feel so god damn
loved while you're keeping
"us" so casual and
informal, and i kind
of want to kiss
that vain in your

is that your
way of telling me
you love me?
then it's your turn
to chuckle, because your
know what i'm doing,
just like i know
what you're doing.

you want it to be?

and, poetics aside, i
said, yes.

an: who doesn't love a little mindless romanticism?