Here's the start of my new story. This is just a test to see what people's thoughts are on my writing. It is, yes based off Sonic The Hesdgehog's new charactor known as Chip. Though he, himself will not appearr. Though a incarnation will appear.


A small fox anthro that was dark red with white hair, yellow eyes. white kimono and a strange light purple bauble on her neck with light purple fairy-like wings suddenly plummetted out of the starry night sky into a sunny green field filled with dandelions.

'urgh....what....what happened' the fox anthro thought drowsily as she started to regain conciousness. "Man....what happened?" she asked outloud to herself . Looking around she sighed and stood up.

She looked around "...It's pretty here....but...what am I doing here...?" she paused. That WAS a good question. Where ha she been going? Sshe she remembered was something telling her to in her head or something "Be careful" what had the mystery voice ment by that?

' Well anyway. I should find something to eat.' She thought. Getting reminded by her hunger as her stomach let out a vicious growl. She sweat-dropped and looked around 'Better find something then.'

The fox then looked around when she heard the same voice once again.

'Good luck Mystic....'

The fox sighed then smiled "Oh yeah! My name's Mystic! Why didn't I remermber that?"

Mystic shrugged it off "Oh well. Better get going!" she then flapped her wings and flew off in a random direction while watching the stars go by above her. Hoping to find some form of civillization.


Short I know. But it's a prolouge. What did you expect? xD