So, has anyone ever heard of IUsedToBelieve . com? It's choc full of great kid beliefs like, "my toys come to life when I'm asleep" or "everyone except me is a robot". This story came from one of my all-time favorite anecdotes from that site. It's really short, I know, but I still like it a lot

"Don't be sad, Jill," they all had said. "We'll always have a part of Grandma with us." At the time, those words were so comforting to the six-year-old girl. But on the way home from the repass, all they did was frighten her.

What, exactly, was in that plastic bag she was sitting next to?

For the entire car ride, Jill was trying to control her overactive imagination, but she was failing miserably. Her eyes were glued to that bag, almost as if she was trying to see through it. She conjured up a mental image of her grandmother at the wake the previous day. There definitely wasn't anything missing from her body then.

But what if they cut it off when I wasn't looking? Jill thought, still not entirely sure what "it" was, and nowhere near ready to find out.

The car took a sharp turn, causing the bag to slide over and hit Jill's leg. Her eyes widened. Now it was touching her! Cautiously, she lifted a finger and pushed it away.

Jill's stomach turned. It was squishy!

So they took it from inside of Grandma! Jill was horrified. For all she knew, she was sitting next to her grandmother's liver! Maybe even her heart! And her parents didn't even seem to care. They thought it would comfort her!

After what seemed like forever, the car finally pulled into Jill's driveway. With lightening-fast speed, she unbuckled her seatbelt, flung the door open, and fled from the vehicle as if it were on fire. She was close enough, though, to hear her parents talking.

"Don't forget the bag in the back, Ted," her mother said to her father. "We wouldn't want to leave the pound cake in there overnight."