Chapter One

Enter: Arielle Santo

"Great, Mr. Hotness has my number." I quipped slamming my locker shut. Just then Alex Edgar strolled down the hallway with his blue eyes and his jet black hair. He gave me a smile and proceeded to the A\V room with a thick black book in his hands.

My friend Nadia grinned. "Girl, what's wrong with you? That guy is walking hotness." Nadia had been my best friend for 10 years. We practically grew up together.

But Nadia doesn't share the same taste in boys as me.

"Have you seen him? He likes the same thing as you, blowing 40 dollars on like two books, acting complex-"
"Nadia, I am complicated." I joked and chuckled. I grabbed my math book out of my locker. "I'm so complex I don't even know who I am!"
Nadia threw her head back and laughed. "I'm not joking. You and Alex are perfect for each other. You both spend loads of time in the library and both of your names start with 'A'."
I rolled my brown eyes. "You can't partner people up with the letters of their names! That means you could be going out with Nick Norman ." I said."Why do you hate me so much because I gave him your number?" Nadia asked as we cut our way through the crowd.

"Oooh! Look at me! I'm Alex Edgar! I'm so complicated! Look at me taking a picture of myself reading a book! Oooh! I don't expect you to understand my humor." I imitated in a deep groaning voice. I waved my hands around like a monkey and widened my eyes. And then suddenly I bumped into a warm body.

I tell you right now, I was so afraid that it'd be Alex.

Nadia bit her lip and turned her back to me.

I looked up at the person I bumped into. "Ohmygawd, I am so sorry!" I gushed until I saw HIS face.

Alex' lips were in a pout and his eyes were clouded with anger. Then he stormed away with the stereo he borrowed from the A\V room, not even bothering to pick up his book he borrowed from the library.

Nadia walked over to me with a guilty face. "I tried to tell you."
"WHAT THE HELL! You did NOT!" I angrily yelled.

Nadia smugly crossed her arms over her chest. "Why do you care that he heard?"
I sputtered and whimpered and felt my way around in the dark of my mind for words. "Because it's not nice to say MEAN things about SENSITIVE guys like Alex." I stated. I leaned down to pick up his book, and I almost died.

He was reading Twilight. How many guys are you going to find who actually read romance novels?

"Want me to return that to him?" Nadia asked. She held out her henna-tattooed hand.

I shook my head vigorously. "I think I owe Mr. Hotness an apology."

As soon as the day was through it was back to my homeroom that was language. By the time Mr. Higgins finished his lecture and it was 15 minutes until the end of the day, I was ready to confront Alex about his book.

As I walked up to Alex my stomach knotted. I was scared. I was scared that my stomach was knotting. It knotted for reasons that I didn't want to think about.

Alex kept his head down, letting his black hair curtain in front of his blue eyes.

"Alex, you dropped this in the hall." I put the book forward and brushed a corkscrew of my chestnut brown hair away from my eyes.

Alex looked up into my eyes. "Yeah, thanks." He went right back to cleaning to cleaning his desk.

I wanted to run back to my desk and forget about this whole incident. But every time I closed my eyes, that very moment when I smashed into him just played over and over again like a horrible nightmare. And then the look on his face.

"I'm sorry about what I did." I choked out.

Alex looked up at me like he was squinting into the sun. "What about me being 'complicated' and how 'I don't expect people to understand my humor'?" He asked. He put air quotes in his words.

I bit my lip. I could taste my sugary lip gloss and wretched. I hated tasting my lip gloss. Lip gloss was for shine not for food, but try telling that to Layla 'Lip Gloss Licker' Rinks.

"Both." I confirmed. Nick Norman brushed past me with a hideous smirk on his face. I shifted my weight from one leg to the other.

"Whatever." He said, his tone drenched in sadness and disappointment. He searched through his desk still.

I sat down in the empty desk next to Alex. "So how's Twilight? I've never met a guy who's ever read Twilight."
Alex impaled me with an icy glare. "Of course because I'm so 'sensitive', I'm the only guy who's ever read Twilight, Arielle." He growled.

I pouted. "Well I'm sorry, okay? Take it or leave it." I concluded. I huffed and got my stuff packed up and raced out of the class room.

Arielle Santo and Alex Edgar? What was Nadia thinking?

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