Chapter Five

Enter: Arielle Santo

I kept craning my head around the cafeteria amid the sea of blue and grey clad bodies. I was trying to look for Alex and he was no where to be found. Every time I saw a head of dark hair, my heart pound in my chest, and just as I was about to call them, they'd be either a girl, or some one who wasn't Alex.

"Looking for your man?" Nadia said with a smirk. She licked the ketchup off of her finger.

I felt my cheeks heat up. "I'm looking for Alex. He owes me a song." I prompted. I glared at Nadia, trying to burn that look out of her eye. She was smirking at me and smiling at me as if I had just proclaimed my love for Alex.

I don't like Alex. That's all there is to it. I do not like him. So what if he was reading Twilight? Okay, not every guy is going to be reading Twilight, but.............LEAVE ME ALONE! So what if I can't find a good reason to dislike him? I don't have to like him either!

"Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight." Nadia said. She dipped her fry into the ketchup and popped it into her mouth. Her red lips gleamed with evil.

I tossed a baby carrot at Nadia's curly mop. "Shut up, Okay!? I'm just waiting for him to get here and sing the damn song."
"I thought you were mad at him," Nadia said. She swirled another fry in the ketchup and bit into it hungrily. She gave me a sly smile.

I craned my head around some more. I spied a raven-haired boy, and my heart pounded. "I am mad at him. He just has to redeem himself."

The raven-haired person started walking with Ryan Solomon and Ryan seemed to be getting pretty chummy with the person. They were swallowed up by the crowd. My heart stopped pounding against my rib cage.

"Suuuuuuuuure." Nadia said rolling her green eyes. I threw all of my baby carrots at Nadia. She shrieked. "We all know you have feelings for Alex."
I raised my eye brows at her. "We as in who?"
"Alex and I,"
"You've been it contact with him about me?" I sounded more curious then angry. And that, my friend, was a crime.

"And why do you care?" Nadia asked. She curled a lock of her jet black hair out of her side-pony tail. Her eyes were mischievous.

I sputtered and tripped over my words. I blinked and tried to keep back my fast-approaching smile. "It's not NICE to talk about your best friend to BOYS that you DON'T LIKE. That's classified as TALKING BEHIND ONE'S BACK." I tried with no avail. Nadia wasn't buying it.

"You just want to know what he said about you," She smirked and sipped her bottle of blue raspberry Jones Soda.

And then I smirked.

I slithered my hand into my 'Save the Earth, it's the only planet with chocolate' tote and pulled out a bottle of Jones' 'Orange you glad for change' soda with a picture of President Obama on the front.

Nadia's pop came out of her nose. "OHMYGAWD! WHERE DID YOU GET THAT?!"
I tapped my nails against the cool bottle. "What's that President Obama? You want me to drink you?" I cooed.

"NO! ARIELLE, YOU EVIL DONKEY!" Nadia screeched. She tried to grab the bottle from my hands.

I kissed President Obama's face. I looked over at Nadia and she screamed. Nadia and I both love President Obama to death. We've watched every moment of the election and his inauguration from our Canadian TV sets. We cried, we laughed, we've smiled and we've purchased President Obama merchandise.

Nadia loves Jones Soda and Obama, so this was just the ultimate torture for her.

I slowly turned the bottle cap.
"ARIELLE! WHAT DO YOU WANT!?" Nadia screamed. "You're torturing me."
I smiled, triumphant with my work.

"Drop the whole me liking Alex thing and you get your pop." I bargained.

Nadia rolled her eyes. "Done." She extended her hand and I pulled out another bottle of the soda. I handed it to Nadia. She turned away from me and marveled at the bottle. I swore I heard her mumble 'Precious'.

I turned back to the crowd and I saw Alex and Linden walking toward our table. My stomach swooped. Why was Nick Norman rubbing his hands evilly? Why was he looking their way?

I opened my pop and a flurry of the liquid came spouting out all over my grey pants. I frantically licked the sweet liquid off of the bottle and then I saw a pale hand in the corner of my eye.

"Hey, Arielle." His voice came through loud and clear.

I licked the pop off of my lips and gave him a dorky smile. He must've thought I was a pop-slurping goof. "Hi, Alex."
I wiped the pop from my lips with the back of my sleeve and watched as Linden and Alex sat on the other side of the table.

Alex' blue eyes remained bright. "Ari, can I not do this today?" His voice pleaded.

Linden and Nadia exchanged 'what-the-hell?' glances.

I tried to make my eyes look as sad as possible. I pouted my bottom lip slightly just to create that sad effect. Believe me, it works. Long story. Summer time, huge ramp, favourite Bratz bike, blood, brand-new Bratz bike. "But, Alex, you promised."
Alex gave me a guilty smile. "Please?"
"No!" I whined. "Did I tell you I was going to turn around tomorrow?" I impaled him in his blue eyes and my heart started to pound. Who knew his eyes were so blue?

"Can we do this alone? Not in front of the other ninth graders, the tenth graders, eleventh graders and worst of all the twelfth graders?" Alex protested. He jerked a lock of his midnight black hair across his zit-free forehead.


I reached to grab a baby carrot to toss at him, but I remembered they had all went to the Let's Pelt Nadia for trying to play cupid fund. Alex was blushing furiously and shooting Linden death glares. "Forget him,"

"Alex, you promised." I said. I pleaded him with my eyes. I was ready for a good laugh too, and Alex had to go spoiling the fun.

"Can I exchange that promise for something else?" Alex asked. He pouted his naturally red lips in thought. "Like......."
"A date?" Nadia and Linden said in one un-wavering voice.

I gulped. I looked at Alex and he blushed. "No, I mean like, how about I do something else for you? Like buy you something to eat, or new books?"
I scrunched my nose. How did this guy know I liked to read when I never told him that. I pressed my lips together in a line. Nadia, I thought.

"You can come with me or...," Alex trailed off. "You can write me the title and author and I'll pick it up?"
I bit my lip and tasted my lip gloss again. It was obvious Alex wanted me to come with him, but I didn't know what I wanted. I mean, if I went with Alex, I'd be alone with him. And writing him a list was just stupid.

"Is six thirty on Friday night okay?" I asked. I swore I heard Nadia say 'Yes!' and Linden say 'DUDE HIT DA JACK POT!'.

Alex smiled and blushed. I could slap him because of how adorable he looked. "That'd be awesome."
I smiled. Of course. If I thought the feeling of my stomach knotting was awesome, then Alex was right.

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