He slept like a newborn child, down in his bed,
sustaining the beast, since he resentfully fed.
Send him your holy water, crosses, and swine,
he doesn't fathom to quench hunger on mortals in line.
He crawls in the earth, with the sewage, like a cat,
Gnawing, and teething, on the the bones from a rat.
He hides from your people, all through the day,
Living inside his coffin, with the rot and decay.
Leave him in peace, for he means you no harm,
when he sees you, he pulls the alarm.
He runs back to his grave, to hide from your blades,
non-religiously, in his coffin, to the sky, he preys.
Your persistence turn his grave into a terrible hell,
to a rich circus man, he and his coffin you sell,
of which is set out to daylight's embrace.
The bile through his teeth, is all he can taste,
feeling the sun ache through the solid wood box,
a man creeping up like a sullen forest fox.
The harmless creature in the coffin died today,
and with the wind, his ashes flew away