Hear Me Out by Frou Frou

Now, I'm not the most perfect being on the planet, but I can have my moments of sheer...awesomeness that everyone's attention is on me because you should all know that I am the Queen Bee of my bee's nest of a high school. I'm also known for having the hottest friends and the most gorgeous boyfriend any girl could ever want—

God, I really sound like a conceited bitch, don't I? Well, I'm not like that so you can thank the heavens, but I am real enough to just enjoy everyone's company and be chill around them. I just hate it when people judge me from my popularity at school, and mark me as some stuck up bitch just because I hang around the so-called "cool" kids. I'm just myself around them, that's it and that's all.

Geeze, talk about the longest speech in the history of long ass—and possibly boring—speeches that I've ever given. Now, I know what you're all thinking. Who the hell is this girl, and why does she give long ass—and possibly boring— speeches? Well, my name's Antoine, short for Antoinette, and I am a senior at Niwot High School in Boulder, Colorado.

My family and I moved here from Paris, France to open a chain of restaurants that my father had successfully started before I was even born, and he was determined to start his business in the States. My mother and I had to learn English, in order to communicate, so we had taken up reading books and learning from a few English teaching classes. It wasn't too difficult; I already listen to a couple of english bands and songs.

Now, why start your food business in Boulder, Colorado? Well, that's exactly what I asked my father, and he told me that you don't have to start somewhere big to gain status in the culinary world and that it just takes patience and a love for what you're doing to blossom and develop into something big... He also mentioned something about liking the view of the breathtaking mountains in our mansion's backyard, but whatever.

I have a large interest in fashion, and tend to make my own clothes despite the protest of my best friend Mallory, saying that I need to go shopping once and a while. Books are my best company whenever and wherever, and I am not shy to say that I have a large collection of romance novels in my bedroom—out in the open, of course— and my friends have made a habit of teasing me for my "sex" books.

Anyways, onto my story of how I got my dear, sweet Manny. Do you sense some sarcasm in there?


"Bitch, please," I grumbled into my cell phone as my bffae (aka Mallory Wen) told me the latest gossip that was brewing at our high school. "She did what?" I exclaimed when she told me that a girl was seen giving a blowjob to our old, albeit handsome, P.E teacher just today in the gym supply closet.

"I totally can't believe—" I lost connection with Mallory, and gave my sidekick an odd glance. I had just charged it, it couldn't be dead already.

"MOM," I yelled, yanking opening my bedroom door and making my way down the stairs to the kitchen, "Mom, my phone just broke."

"I know, petite tresor," She replied before taking a bite of her slim-or-some-other-shit dinner while reading one of my sappy romance novels, "I cancelled your plan. Oh, and I need your phone in the next five minutes or I am going to take your car as well."

My mouth unconsciously opened and closed like a gaping fish before I glared at her with distaste. "And may I ask why you're punishing me?"

"No reason." My mother's kind voice sung out, as if mocking me.

I heard the front door open, and then slam shut two seconds later with a loud echoing BANG! I winced slightly as if I knew what was coming yet I had no idea what was going on.

"Antoinette Aurore Amés!" I cringed when I heard my father's unmistakably loud French accent, and also at the fact that he used my full name.

"Oui, Papa?" I turned around and gave my father my best repentant look, still not knowing what I had done wrong, along with my trademarked 'I'm-sorry-for-what-I-did-wrong' pout.

"I am very disappointed in you Antoinette. What you have done is very unacceptable and you have every right to be punished."

"I didn't mean to spray paint, Mr. Eberhardt's house! I was drunk, and Mallory made me do it—"

"You were the one who vandalized poor Mr. Eberhardt's house?!" My father exploded and I mentally slapped myself on the forehead.

"Yes, but—!"

My father gave me his own look before turning to my mother and speaking with her. She looked at me, and began to nod her head.

"I still don't understand what I did—"

"Tais-toi, Antoinette." My mother warned before getting back into her conversation with my father.

They both turned to look at me and my mother spoke first, "Antoinette, you have exceeded over your phone bill. We now owe the company three thousand dollars. It has happened before, and we warned you that if it happened again then we had a right to take away your phone," She paused to lick her dry lips, "I am not saying it is permanent, but you have to realize that you are not the one paying for your phone bills. And frankly, your father and I are tired of having to deal with your impetuous behaviour as well, so—"

"—we have hired a manny for you."

I dropped my precious sidekick with wide, terrified eyes, "What the fuck?! "


"Well, what reaction did you expect when you just told me that you hired a nanny for me? What am I, six?"

"Ma belle, we hired you a manny, not a nanny." My father interjected lightly, rubbing the bridge of his nose.

"Why the hell would I need a nanny for anyways?" I spat out, giving a death glare to my parents and picking up my sidekick.

"A manny, and he is going to make sure you don't get yourself into any trouble anymore. God knows how many times we had to bail you out of jail because you started a protest outside somewhere for injudicious purposes, or when you got drunk and ended up in the middle of nowhere," My mother looked at me, as if pleading with me, "You are a loose cannon, Antoinette."

"Did you just say manny? There are such things as male nannies? Sacre bleu! Je ne peux pas croire que vous feriez ceci! I am not six anymore!"

"Antoinette, we did this for your own good. He will be arriving tomorrow in the morning and will be attending school with you, everyday, and will be following you until we feel the need to discontinue his employment. I am sorry." My father picked up his suitcase off of the floor, grabbed his hat and made his way to his study, ignoring my disconsolate face.

"Maman." I cried, looking at her tearfully. But she ignored me and went back to her, now cold, dinner and book.

"This sucks," I muttered before dejectedly returning to my room to instant message Mallory of my terrible news.

A/N: Well, my first story is out. Don't be too hard on me, please... Haha. Anyways, I'd really like to hear your feedback. Thanks for reading! :)

Translations: Petite Tresor - Little Treasure
Oui - Yes
Tais-toi - Shut up
Sacre bleu - Holy shit (basically)
Je ne peux pas croire que vous feriez ceci! - I cannot believe you would do this!

If I get enough feedback, I'll update real soon. :)