Chapter 9

Next day

Nyako woke up looking around her room knowing it was the day that she would become queen. There was a knock at the door with it opening with Deay standing there smiling at her. "Are you ready to become queen?"

"I think so, but I wanna be with Eyez too."

"Yes I know and I'm sure you'll be able to." Nyako spoke getting up out of bed before she started to get dressed a lady walked to help her. She got Nyako ready for her crowning once she was done then she left again. Deay smiled seeing her looking like a real queen there. "Ready?"

"I guess so." Nyako spoke as they walked out of her room seeing people lined up in the hall way one of which was Eyez smiling at her. Nyako wanted to run to him, but she kept from doing it instead she took his out reached hand with him leading her to the throne room were all the people in town were around to see their new queen. Some of which didn't seem happy about a soldier bring her in, but she didn't care neither did Eyez for that matter. He took her to their highest mister of town who was holding her crown. He started speaking in there native language with Nyako knowing some of what he was saying to her before he placed the crown on her head then she saw turned to face the people. "Everyone I give you your new queen." He spoke with everyone starting to cheer about it. Nyako smiled looking at everyone then she remember what her mother had said to her. "Everyone I have something I wish to say to you. You all think that I was a gift from the Gods, but the truth would be that I'm my father's daughter. Most of you knew my father, but you didn't know he was my father. Tyler the queen's most trust soldier was my father, but he never wanted people to know so that they wouldn't treat the queen any different, but it was my mother's final wish for you all to know who my father truly was. So I'm not the girly queen you wish for me to be so if you want another queen I'll hand the crown over right now." Nyako spoke with her eyes looking over the people who kept on smiling before one spoke, "We knew he was your father, but we never said a word because, we knew how your father was. We love having a queen that can hold her own." Then everyone started to cheer with her smiling then she reached out for Eyez with him taking her hand then she turned to face the mister. "Sir I wish to ask a favor of you."

"What is that my queen?"

"Would you marry us?"

"I would be honor since I did marry your mother and father too." He spoke smiling as he started the wedding of the two of them with Eyez surprised that this was going so very well. A few hours went by before the wedding was done with them bring out another crown for Eyez. "My king this was to be for her father, but he never wanted to wear it but now you will."

"Thank you everyone. I have very horror to be your king." Eyez spoke as they place the crown on his head before they turned facing the people who still cheered for them. As they walked back down hand in hand with Nyako smiling at Eyez. "I told you it would work out."

"I believe you now." Eyez spoke as they made their way back to her room seeing all of his things had been moved like they all knew it was coming to this. Eyez closed the door with Nyako looking around at everything before Eyez started kissing her. Nyako kissed him back keeping him all the closer. "I love you, Eyez."

"And I love you too, Nyako." Eyez spoke as he kissed her all the more.

Later on during the day they saw the people were starting to build two statue and they were of her parents them both. The nice part about it was that her father had his crown on his head something he never wore in life. "This is beautiful." Nyako spoke with tears coming to her eyes. Eyez held her close as she felt herself cry over this it was wonderful and she loved it too. "Eyez I'm so glad that I have someone to finally love me the way I've always wanted someone to."

"I could say the same about you love." Eyez spoke holding his queen and wife very close. They lived their lives happily with nothing seeming to go wrong again.