Foreword and Contents

A NOTE TO THE HUMAN READER: This is one of the "textbooks" Amber brought from the old ruins of her complex, thus, it is rather formal in reading.

The Faerie Thief of myth and lore has many tales revolving around his mysterious figure. Some tales were brought from one single clan as a memory from some bygone High Faerie's deeds. Others, which this book shall focus on, were drawn from the first faerie bards.

I. Creation - Of the Original Creature referred to as Thear and the beginning of the world known to faeries.

II. VS Gluttony - Of Tei-Faer Le'Yriaf's first theft and the outrage of the Warphilia Vanessa and Jared.

III. VS Greed - Of the conflict between Tei-Faer Le'Yriaf and the Dragons Skag and Skel.

IV. VS Sloth

V. VS Wrath - Of Tei's search for the cause of his first loss, the one of his wings, and the havoc resulting from Centaurs Taurenk and AErnes's curses.

VI. VS Vanity

VII. VS Pride


IX. The Curse of Killing

X. The Angeli Files of Kun
i) His Awakening
ii) His Search