I. Creation

There was the sun; there was the moon, and another; there were the stars; and a flat bare surface on which grew a few, sparse plants. There was, in short, next to nothing.

And the first living, breathing being came when the sun and one of the moons collided: its name was Thear.

Thear was a strange creature who was part dragon, part elf, part centaur, part dwarf, part faerie, and more -- it was a little bit of everything except human, for they have no magic, and Thear was filled to the brim with magic. Thear was neither male nor female, but it was lonely. It remained lonely for a millennium after its formation. It waited all that time for a companion. However, though Thear was full of patience, its patience ran thin and at last flickered out of existence, and it tore itself apart to escape the loneliness, for the waiting had driven it mad with longing. Each clump became a magic creature: dragon, elf, centaur, dwarf, faerie, and more. At last, Thear's many limbs grew weak, for it put itself closer to death with every bit of flesh it tore from itself. Thear died when it had torn all of the flesh from its bones, and its black blood streamed from its remains. From Thear's blood sprang all the animals of the world, and when they had all left its blood, the liquid became clear and pure, for now it was water.

There were two of every race, one male, one female. Skag and his mate, Skel, were the first of the dragons, and they were blessed with a breath of fire and cursed with greed. Elva'Cherr and her mate, Ivan'Fle, were the first of the elves, and they were blessed with keen sight for their archery and cursed with pride. Taurenk and AErnes were centaurs, blessed with intelligence and speed and cursed with a wild and unpredictable wrath. Ward-Velsith and his mate, Ira-Sythian, were dwarves, and they were blessed with an innate feel for the secrets of metal and cursed with slowness of mind and body. Fi'Niks and her mate, Phoe'bas, were blessed with a sharp hearing and iridescent beauty and cursed with envy of all that was desireable and was not in their possession. Vanessa and her mate, Jared, were Warphilia, blessed with a keen sense of smell and cursed with a terrible gluttony for blood. Tei-Faer Le'Yriaf and his mate, Farae Sen'Yriaf, were the first faeries, and they were blessed with an overwhelming amount of intuition and wit and cursed with a desire for many magics.

This is the story of the beginning of the world, and the beginning of all that exists now.