~written 'top of my head one after a few days sleepless~

What thoughts skirt across my mind
As I lie awake in wonder
At moving surface on the ceiling
Transporting a round of thunder

Lie awake in placidity
Fall asleep in veridity

Ready, ready, start the flow

All the engines are a-go

Take your foot off iron pedal

Spread your cloak, come, test your mettle

Lying, winging, on a prayer

A solemn wish for infant flair

A single cry from dusk to dawn

Carries meaning, carries on

Though the skies look still and placid
Though the rain is dipped in acid
Though the air is chilled, polluted
Though the Earth is not ill-suited
Not enough splendor
Not enough passion
In social gathering
In pack-hunt fashioning
Ripe, the trees, if only they'd bare
Stretched, the streams,
Like thin white wine
Where is nature?
Where is God?
In land of man- unseeing clod?

I feel no hand upon me, pressing
No forward, righteous, shy directing
Seek I the arms of chariot chairs
Rising to meet the crowd's upheld stares?
Climbing their confidence like spiraling stairs?

Seek I the reason

Behind all (the facts)

So I can breathe easy?

Then, could I relax?

I want to keep learning

I want to keep trying

This soul was not meant just for living then dying

There is a solution in living astute

A comfortable notion I pass unto you

That carries its harried, hardly hackable roots

Through years lost in transit, my creep-crawl from youth

Memories, dreams, the powers unlocked

Will head off this trail, yeah this limitless walk

Stay conscious, stay focused, remember your mind

If you're seeking wisdom, seek more of your kind

Fitness your body and fathom your ways

Calculate answers on questionless days

If you have a fear, then walk off and face it

When your powers appear, the universe will pace it

Different rotations, just, vicious cold cycles

Each earning its own born-and-sworn-in disciples

See, I, a union, beyond just this race
Sigh, I, resume our jogging in place

A/N: Again, top of my head. No laughing...............