I have held the hand of the devil, it was warm in the night - U2, I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For

In the gathering dusk, on a street with its fair share of broken streetlamps, the lights inside a few houses flicked on. The light shone through the curtains, illuminating the small neat gardens in front of them. But beyond the small patches of grass, little could be seen. Except for near the entrance of the garden of number sixty-two, where in the darkness gleamed a red light, glowing brighter and shining on the dark red lips of a woman.

She withdrew the cigarette from her mouth, and the red light dimmed once more.

Her eyes darted towards the doorway of number sixty-five, and her smile grew before she flicked the butt of the cigarette to the floor and crushed it beneath her fierce leather boots.

She ran her hands through her hair, brushing back crimson strands from a pale face, green eyes glinting in the darkness. Slowly, she raised her eyes to look above the door, seeing the light in the bedroom. A smile crept across her features once more as she saw the figures moving across the window. A woman stood in front of the window, but she was unable to see more than a shadow, the gesturing hands betraying the anger. Secretly, to herself, she smiled once more, able to picture his protests.

With a soft laugh, she pulled on her helmet and turned. She climbed onto the bike, throwing one leg over the side before settling the other. Her hands reached forward, and she kick started it, the roar echoing around the quiet street as she yanked it out into the road.

Behind her, the door to sixty-five was thrown open and her name was called; she was too far gone to hear it.

No I don't know where I'm going, but I sure know where I've been - Here I Go Again, Whitesnake

The roar of the engine rang in her head, the smile still attached to her face as she swerved across the empty road, moving the bike skilfully. At her hands it was a machine of beauty and power, under her complete and utter control.

The darkness surrounded her like a blanket as she raced onwards. Despite the darkness she knew exactly where she was going, knew exactly what she was doing and exactly who she was going to see at the end of it.

She felt unable to wipe the smile from her face as, an hour later; she skidded to a stop, the bike turning in an arc before she climbed off and took the helmet off.

Her eyes locked on the small pub in front of her, a pub way off the beaten track, somewhere you could find only by accident. Her mouth curved up at one side as she stepped towards it, unzipping her leather jacket and slipping it off, revealing bare arms and a chest covered only by a black cami-style top.

She slipped into the pub, eyes casting around in the gloom. A few weary travellers settled in one corner, old familiar faces in another. But she wasn't looking for any of these. Instead she made her way straight to the bar, where a tall, dark haired man was cleaning up a glass.

"What can I get you?"

"Same old drink please Ed."

He almost dropped the glass in surprise before raising his eyes to look at her. His eyes scanned her up and down, a lump formed in his throat before he shook his head. "Thought I said last time I didn't want you in my bar again baby."

"Yeah well," she shrugged, winked and laughed "things change don't they? People can change." She leant forward, arms crossing under her breasts, pushing them up and in full view of Ed's eyes.

"Not you 'Chelle."

"Aw c'mon," she pushed herself up, using her hands to hoist herself up slightly so she was the same height as him, her feet dangling off the ground "surely you missed me Ed?"

"Sure," he shrugged, putting the glass down before placing his hands on the bar, fingers spread "but I didn't miss your bullshit games. Now piss off 'Chelle before I give Roxy a shout."

She frowned, the corners of her mouth turning down ever so slightly. "Roxy's still here?"

He nodded, grinning as he leant forward. "Roxy's still here baby, so I suggest you get outta my sight before I call her."

I get up and nothing gets me down, you got it tough, I've seen the toughest soul around - Jump, Van Halen

"Put me down!" She squealed, laughing as he effortlessly carried her out of the pub and towards his truck. "Ed I swear to god if you don't put me down I'll...."

"You what baby?" He asked, stopping. He grinned to himself, glancing over his shoulder to see her trying to twist around to look at him.

"I'll leave." She exclaimed. "I'll climb on that bloody bike and shoot out of here."

"Sure you will." He carried on walking, carrying her to the truck.

"Ed...." She whined, until finally her feet were placed on the floor and she folded her arms across her chest, pouting up at him.

"Baby." He reached down, snaking an arm around her waist and pulling her into him, clasping his lips to her own. "C'mon, get in the truck and we'll head back to mine, shall we?"

She pulled away, skipping away, moving swiftly away from him and towards the truck. "Nuh uh." She shook her head, flicking her crimson hair over one shoulder. "I told you Ed."

He laughed, leaning against his black dodge. "Yeah like you actually would."

In the dark, her white teeth shone out as her lips curled into a grin. "Oh I so would."

Before he could say anything, or react, she'd leapt onto the bike and shot off, the lights disappearing into the night.

I'm flat broke but I don't care, I strut right by with my tail in the air - Stray Cat Strut, Stray Cats

It had been the first time she'd done something like that, done something downright cruel with no explanation or reason. The other times had left him just as bewildered, as confused; when they'd slept together, the first time, and he'd woken up to nothing but an empty bed and a pair of knickers thrown on his radiator, the sound of her bike echoing in his head. He'd climbed to the window, looked out to see her shooting off, gone once more.

When they'd been out at a club, and she'd been dancing with another guy, seductively, suggestively, and he hadn't been able to say anything because, as she'd put it, she wasn't his girl; instead he'd been forced to watch, his heart breaking as she put a hand on the guy's chest. Seconds later she'd turned her back on him and made her way to Ed, pulling him towards her and kissing him powerfully.

She'd ignore him for days, once it had been three weeks, before turning up at the pub and giving him a cheeky wink, disappearing only to be found next to his truck, waiting for him, hands hooked into her jeans, head cocked as she watched him cross to the dodge.

They'd be walking home from a movie, or from dinner, and she'd dart into the nearest phone box, slip in a few coins and dial. He'd stand outside, watching as she giggled and laughed, played with her hair, twirled her fingers around the cord....things she'd do with him, when it was just the two of them, when the flirting was getting heavy.

He never knew who the calls were to.

Money for nothing, and chicks for free - Money For Nothing, Dire Straits

"Roxy!" The name rang out around him, echoing in the empty space. He couldn't help but smile when the German Sheppard came bounding out from the shadows, leaping gleefully towards him. The dog leapt up, paws on his shirt as he reached forward and ruffled her hair. She had never liked the dog; never liked the possibility that there was a female out there that he loved more than her; a creature that could turn in a second and rip her to shreds.

Not that Roxy ever would, the bitch was too clever for that. Plus, Roxy never ignored him if he so much as talked to another dog.

Ed laughed at the dog's bouncy playfulness as he turned and walked towards the dodge. He saw her within an instant, her body pale in the single street lamp that shone down on the parking lot. He raised an eyebrow as she stepped forward, her hand running alongside the side of the truck.

"Same old car, same old dog. Don't nothing ever change about you Ed?"

"Nope." He shrugged, moving to the other side of the truck and slipping the key in. "Why should it? I'm happy 'Chelle."

"Really?" She opened the other door, sliding in as Roxy climbed in on the driver's side, obediently scrambling onto the backseat. Ed slipped in, running a hand through his hair as he glanced at her. "Really happy Ed?"

"Yeah." Resting a hand on the wheel of the car, his eyes shifted sideways towards her. "I got the bar, like you said I got the same old car and same old dog. I don't need anything else 'Chelle."

"You sure about that?" She leant towards him, lips pouted.

"Yeah." His fingers tapped on the steering wheel, a smile crept across his features. "Heard about your exploits back in the town; poor James, broken marriage ain't good for no man."

She leant back, throwing her weight against the seat. "He deserved it."

"Really? Why?"

"Hey, he's the cheating bastard, not me."

"Sure he is. Because you've never held a relationship long enough to consider anything cheating."

"I dated you for two years."

He laughed, and she frowned, wondering when he was going to do what he always did, when he was going to take her in his arms and shag her senseless. "Yeah, true, and you know what 'Chelle? I managed to move on from that. Now get out of my truck, I got a girl in the town whose waiting to see me."

"Aw c'mon Ed!" She twisted her body around, looking at him. "For old times sakes?"

"Nope." He reached across her, opened the door. "You ruined my marriage, you ruined James', and you messed us both up. Now my little girl is waiting for me to pick her up for the weekend, and if you think..."

"Ed! You can't honestly discard two years of sneaking around and screwing like that can you?"

"Sure I can, and you know why 'Chelle? Because unlike you I actually am happy. Now get out."

She obeyed, climbing out of the truck and slamming the door close. She watched as he revved the engine and drove off.

For once, she was the one left standing in the dust, watching the lights as they disappeared into the darkness.