Well, this is my second FictionPress story. This story is more of a test than a story, however. I hope I get good feedback for this...I apologize for the frequent Spanish within this chapter whenever that character speaks. I did simple words, so it shouldn't cause too big of a deal.

Chapter 1: It's a Trap!

A girl sat on a roof. OK, yes, that's a little cliché, but how else am I supposed to start this? The city was dark, and very few lights shone from the small houses and apartment buildings crowded within the streets. Cars passed by, their headlights shining in front of them. Late-night walkers crossed the streets, passing anxiously by suspicious characters that hid within alleyways.

The girl shifted, her legs falling asleep. She was wearing nothing special, really, though she looked more like someone from the American FBI than just some drunken girl who wanted to sit on a roof. She wore a close-collared smooth black shirt with long sleeves and black pants. Around her waist was a dark brown belt with several bags attached, each containing different things. Her shoes were rather large combat boots that surprisingly made no sound when she walked with them, and on her hands were dark gloves with folded-up ends.

A slight breeze came by, carrying her dark brown hair with it. Her hair was streaked with white, which glowed like she had starlight stretched down her head. Her blue eyes scanned all below her like a hawk.

It stayed like this for a little while, until a familiar ring tone came from one of the pockets on her belt. The music in question was Fallout Boy, 'This Ain't a Scene, it's an Arms Race'. She pulled out a small, slim cell phone, flipped it open, and held it to her ear.

"Yes?" she said simply, not bothering to ask who it was.

"Not very cautious, are you?" the voice from the other end replied. It was childlike, and a male voice with a Spanish accent that was plainly evident. Not waiting for an answer, the voice said, "I'm tracking two mecaniza-hombres. They haven't done anything yet, but they should be taken care of."

"In English?" the girl wondered impatiently.

"Heh, arrepentido." the voice apologized. "I'm tracking two Machina."

"Got it, Jasper." The girl replied without question. "Where are they?"

"They're currently camping in the old warehouse by the ocean." Jasper replied, his voice rising in cautiousness.

The girl used her free hand to grip the roof's edge tightly, causing it to crumble a little. "Jas, you're nuts. I can't do anything about the Machina if they're in there."

She could almost hear Jasper roll his eyes over the phone. "Just do it, Hero. There are only two that I can tell, and they shouldn't pose too big of a problema, what with the new upgrades that I put into your arm today." He replied hastily.

"Fine." Hero groaned. She knew Jasper's policy – 'Selecciona la amenaza antes llega a ser una amenaza' (Cull the threat before it becomes a threat), or something like that. "It's on your head if I get hurt, Mancha."

Jasper grunted. "Not like you'd care, Hero. I'm sending the coordinates, so get there and get it done. The chances of this going agrie are--"

"Spare me, Jasper." Hero moaned. "I'm out." Without waiting for a good-bye from Jasper, she hung up and put the cell phone back into her pocket. She always got a headache when talking to him; he spoke more Spanish than English.

With that, Hero slid off the rooftop. She sailed through the air until she hit the ground three stories below, cracking the sidewalk slightly. Her legs absorbed the impact so well now that Hero just took off running.

As she ran, Hero undid the sleeve on her right arm, revealing shining metal. She rolled the sleeve up to her shoulder and examined the metal arm further. In the dark, it was harder to see what she needed to see. Feeling around with her other hand, she finally felt the little pad and pressed upon it only slightly.

The coordinates sailed into Hero's mind like any other bodily function, and she redirected herself towards the oceanfront.

The buildings seemed to fly by as Hero began to think of a game plan. Machina were usually nothing but annoyances on their own – little pesky machines with minds of their own. Hero laughed at the fact that she was practically half machine herself with her mechanical right arm, and that she was going to be fighting more machines. But that wasn't all the Machina were.

Hero knew nothing more about the Machina other than the fact that they were human once. Once, being a long, long time ago. So long ago that the machine part had begun to take over their mind. Hero inwardly thanked Jasper Mancha nearly every day for the fact that it was only her arm that needed to be mechanized.

But it wasn't the arm she was worried about. It was whether or not her powers would work within a place that wasn't filled with living things – or things that aren't really living anymore, in the Machina's case. Hero's powers were based more around energy and it's manipulation than just shooting off blasts of stuff that came out of nowhere. There was more to it than that.

But hey, even Machina had to run on something, and even if Hero had nothing to manipulate, there was always just punching them and tearing out their hard drives. That usually worked, too.

The ocean came into view, and so did the warehouse. Hero slowed her pace to a jog, and stopped walking completely once she reached the perimeter of the warehouse.

The ground was covered in little gravel pebbles – the only solid thing was the driveway that was extremely underused and overgrowing with little sprouts of weeds. The warehouse loomed before Hero, shrouded in darkness both inside and out, and around two stories high, made of dark gray paneled siding, some parts even had holes within it.

Hero skirted the windows of the establishment, looking among the scattered crates and boxes for anything that could be deemed useful.

"Bingo," she whispered, sighting an aluminum ladder, about ten feet away. She made her way towards it, she grabbed it, and then took it back to the warehouse wall. Taking the utmost care to place the ladder against the wall, she scaled it quickly.

Now on the roof, Hero gazed into one of the holes that were bored into the rooftop. She sighted one Machina, just sitting there. It was a male Machina, like most were, with half of his head completely covered with metal. He seemed a little more…fresh…than the others were, probably since the machine had no problem taking over when it was so close to his brain.

Since there were only two, Hero wasted no time jumping into the hole and nearly on top of the Machina. Surprised, the machine-man jumped back a few paces, the human eye widening in fear. He began to say something, but it was garbled and came out more numeric than speech.

Hero took a quick glance around, sighting a small gas-powered lantern, still alight with flame. Hero waved her real hand and the flame from the lantern went out. It flowed from the lantern to her hand, where it gathered in a small, flaming heap.

She then delivered a sharp uppercut to the Machina's head, crushing and burning the mechanized part of his head. The presumably dead person fell to the ground, limp and drooling.

Hero was about to jump onto a nearby crate to get a good sweep of the area when something grabbed her right arm. She turned to find the other Machina – this one less fresh – holding her arm with two mechanical arms and a maniacal smile.

Grunting, Hero pulled against the hold the other Machina had on her. It didn't give. She didn't have much energy left from the lantern, either. But it was just enough to send a bolt into the other Machina's chest and throw him off of her.

Hero spun and faced the other Machina, only to stop in surprise.

Jasper was wrong. There were more than two Machina here. Their eyes glowed and their bodies shuffled forward to meet her.

It was a trap. Or a trampa, as Jasper would say.

"Son of a--" Hero began, but one of the Machina lunged at her. She moved quickly out of the way, jumping onto a set of crates and not looking back.

She angrily got out her cell phone and fumbled out Jasper's number. Holding it to her ear for a few rings, Jasper finally picked up.

"You lied!" she blurted. She jumped onto another crate just as another Machina took a swipe at her.

"About what?" Jasper wondered.

"The Machina! There were more than two, you idiot!" Hero snapped.

"That's imposible!"

Hero ducked as a crate shattered above her head. "It's not impossible, you Latino idiot! Do something about it!"

"What can I do!?" Jasper wailed. "I was only able to track two! They've never gotten this bold before!"

"I don't have anything to manipulate and I'm running out of road here! There are too many to fight on my own!" Hero yelled hysterically.

"Get out of there, Hero! ¡Ahora!" Jasper ordered.

"Working on it!" Hero yelped. She fell down with a gasp as a Machina grabbed her shoe and pulled her down. Closing the cell phone, Hero reached back into her belt's bag and grabbed what was inside. Her real hand caught around a small amount of pellets.

Not even bothering to check, Hero tossed the pellets at the Machina and scrambled to her feet as the pellets exploded it. Hero jumped onto another crate, this time just a crate-height away from a hole in the roof.

She jumped up at it, catching it with her mechanical arm. She swung her other arm up to catch hold and tried to heave herself up. It was a no-go the first time, and the second time.

Before Hero could attempt a third, the Machina coalesced around her in a circle and tried pulling her down by the feet. Hero gripped with her mechanical arm and tried reaching into one of her pockets again.

The Machina's claws dug into her leg as they were climbing up her like a ladder. Hero kicked out with her other foot as she grabbed hold of a few more pellets and threw them down. Then, she pulled herself up all the way and rolled down the slant of the roof before the explosion had any chances of hitting her.

Landing on her back, Hero groaned, her teeth gritted in pain. Her leg was bleeding and her pants were shredded to near-nothing. The Machina were bursting through a hole within the warehouse's side, too. Their numbers weren't diminished by the bomb-pellets.

Coughing, Hero stood up and ran as fast as possible, nearly tripping twice over the gravel ground. She ran onto the street and then onto the sidewalk, not even sure if the Machina were following anymore. The sun was rising and a faint dawn mist had settled all over the city.

Hero's vision began to grow dim as she rammed into another young girl in her school clothes. Hero spun around, taking a few staggering steps to glimpse the blond-haired girl she'd run into and her red-headed companion. Then, Hero fell backwards, everything growing dark.