Standing Still

This is the story of a man

Who could never grow old

Because he lives his life by schedules

And only does what he's told


He stayed right where he was

Always stuck in his prime

'Cause if you don't move forward

Then neither does time


He awoke in the morning

And laid down at night

At the same time everyday

And he thought that was right


But he then saw a movie

With the star's exciting life

And he wanted to move forward

And take the world by strife


Instead of eating breakfast

He slept in till noon

He wrote a great song

And sang with the tune


Before he knew it

His music brought him fame

It was his dream come true

This building a name


And each time he sang out a note

Time would sigh and move on

So he kept making music

And his life was soon gone


Now think of your life

Are you standing still?

Just live out your dream

And do what you will