Conquering the Green - Prologue
By: Kaitrin

This is part of the prologue from my novel, hopefully to be published one day.

They say that when you hear a nix sing he can take all the sadness out of your heart and turn it into music. That the sound of his voice will stop a running waterfall on the first note of his song. That you'll be under his spell the instant he opens his lips.

They say a nix can glide across the water like an eagle through the sky, only twice as graceful, and three times as beautiful. That he has wings like a griffin, and gills of the merrow. And his eyes. Two pearls of white with a ring of green and black. They say that if you can hold his gaze without falling in love with him, then you're immune to his trickery. But otherwise, you'll fall so far into their depths that you'll still love him as he drowns you.

He'll be a seemingly innocent stranger with a hint of a guilty smile. You won't pay attention to that suggestion of guilt however, you'll be too overcome by his inhuman beauty. Because that's what he is, inhuman.

He'll have flawlessly toned arms, legs and torso, naturally chiseled to perfection. His face will hold a smooth, pale complexion, the kind shows he bathes in moonlight. When he touches the water, his gills will slowly form on either side of his ribcage, and a scattering of green-blue scales will line his arms and legs. He can release his feathered wings from his back at anytime, so when concealed, he looks almost entirely human. All except for his oddly structured ears, indicating that of elfish heritage.

It's a nix's nature to drown unsuspecting women. He'll woo a girl, flatter a woman, and she'll fall head over heels in love with him. On the night of their engagement, he'll bring her down to the lake, sink to one knee, and show her an opal ring. A stone of pale blue with an iridescent flame dancing in the center. He'll slide it around her fragile human finger, and then kiss her as he pushes them under the waves. She'll never know which caused her lack of breath; his kissing, or the water. He'll let go of her then, leaving her lungs to fill with the same cool water he met her by. When she's entered her watery grave, he'll slip the opal off her finger, and swim away, his scales like little bits of fallen starlight.

The nix gives a new meaning to drop dead gorgeous.

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