I started this as a tool for me to critically examine magic and the physics behind it. ^^ I've read countless numbers of stories where the magic is loose and used to pull macguffins out of the air, so I thought it might be interesting to take a closer look as to the things you can do with magic.

I intend this to be a rigorous look at various flaws and interesting conclusions. I intend to update approx. once a week, aiming to be faster than that. I'll highly appreciate it if you'll follow my story! Any thoughts, observations and ideas to add are welcome. Any criticism, even if it's just about where the writing is lacking, is also welcome, actually more so than a simple "interesting".

"... Luen Yintaris!"

Yes! Luen looked up with disbelieving eyes. She was called for duty! And such
an important mission too!


She jumped in surprise, snapping out of her thoughts as the High Mage Kordan
shouted again. "Yes Sir!" She walked up to the front and took the crest from
the imposing figure in full honourary attire.

He scowled, and she flinched inwardly. Oops, I hope he doesn't get too mad for
messing up the assignment presentation.

"Perhaps you might like to pay more attention, you only got this assignment
because we couldn't find anyone better than you who was expendable. "

She bowed, giving no outward sign that she heard his muttering.
Acknowledging that he was breaking protocol was only going to make him
more angry.

"Now that all the recipients of this assignment have been decided, I'm sure
that you will all perform to your best ability. Our country is under attack and
we need all the help we can get, from any source.."

Sitting on the benches in the auditorium that was doubling as the main
meeting hall, Luen automatically tuned Kordan's speech out. She'ld pay
attention if anything had changed from his rehearsal. That guy was irritating,
even though he was her superior and had given her personal coaching. So
what if I wouldn't have passed my graduation examination without him?
He's a git.

She leaned over to her friend Erine sitting beside her, whispering
conspiratorially, "He doesn't even believe in the prophecy. I wonder how
he can make this speech. "

Erine hushed her, "Of course he can, he's the Torlan High Mage. Besides,
lots of people are unsure about the prophecy, I wouldn't be surprised if
he would demand more proof, the country is his responsibility. "

Luen quieted down, she did have a point. Perhaps having all this pomp
and pretense in the middle of an open war was wasteful, but it had to be
done if the people were going to be reassured that Central Council could
do something about it.

"He is a git though. "

Luen bit down a laugh, trying to control her giggles at Erine's echoing of
her earlier thoughts. Erine gave her sly look, "You'd better not get caught
laughing, or you might lose the assignment. "

Are you on my side or on his? Luen sniffed and looked away, faking her
anger, although the slight grin on her face gave it away.

"Thus is the combination of many areas of magical research that we can
embark on this expedition to an unknown world. Fate must be on our side
for three projects to be completed simultaneously, so that our expedition
can go with the most chance of success. To all assignees, we will sending
you in disguise. You must contact the prophesied person before the
Concordians can find you, we have information that they have also
succeeded in reaching the other dimension. Expect to fight hard, this
assignment is as dangerous as any battlefield. I wish you all the best of
luck. "

Luen perked up from her gossip, that was new. He had never mentioned
any disguise before.
Erine sensed her confusion and pointed downwards.

Below the gathering of assignees was a huge pattern drawn into the floor.
A rough circle, with virtually an entire library of magical symbols engraved
around it.

As the confused murmurs of the assignees rose, merging with the
audiences', Kordan continued. "Your assignment is difficult, Torlan would not
send her citizens into danger without the best protection possible. We have
here the product of polymorph magic. I am pleased to say that it has been
completed and the first public use will be to give these brave cadets the
best protection we can afford. "

He concentrated and a magic circle appeared in front of him. Luen would
have envied it's brightness and power in a normal situation but she was
much too surprised to react. Everyone had known about the polymorph
research, but to use it without consent? Didn't it break a few major Social

The magic circle on the floor glowed and the world spun as the assignees,
Luen included, vanished. Or seemed to.

Luen winced at the ache as she landed hard on her back. Shifting a little
against the hard floor, she brushed herself off, ignoring the background
shouting and noise. What in the world is Kordan thinking! Using magic in
public and...
something was very wrong with the world. Wasn't the floor
made of stone? It's wood now. And... it looks like the seat!
She looked up. The
ceiling seemed a mile away.

A muscle twitched under her eye as she realized exactly what had happened,
"Shrunken?! Kordan.... you've got a lot to answer for. "

Kordan's voice echoed from the obscured stage in front. "Go! The assignment
starts now! Do not return until you have fulfilled the prophecy!"

The air above them seemed to be twisted in the magical light coming from
the ground. That must be the portal. But how do I get up there when I'm only
inches high?
She cursed the foolishness of Kordan and frowned at the portal.
It never occurred to her that she might be able to give up her mission.

A light approached from Erine's seat and Erine landed next to her, the
magical circle around her waist disappearing. Oh! I forgot, flight magic! "Forgot
about flying again? Geez, I wonder how you graduated!"

Luen winced under Erine's chiding, though she couldn't resist commenting,
"I agree now, Kordan really is a git. "

Erine grinned at Luen, "let's get going."

They flew through the portal above them together.

Kordan smiled as the crowd of tiny lights zipped into their respective portals.
Success! They'll never be caught now, with each portal going to a different area.
Plus being three inches high will make them harder to find.
He laughed as the
guards dragged him off the stage. Even the audiences' panicked murmurs and
shuffling couldn't dent his mood. Take that Ameli!

The man stood with his back to the messenger. The weather outside was
horrible as usual. All this white snow...

"Twelve went through the portals? And there was a shrinking spell?"

He gave no obvious display of his displeasure, but the messenger tensed as
the man ground his cigar into the ashtray.

"Contact Mieus, have him search for them with his... pets. "

The messenger bowed and ran off. Seriously, when will everyone stop being
afraid of me?
Oh well, it was a permanent affair anyway. Now to plan for Mieus's
first failure. It was just a prophecy, and there were precious few true ones. But
fate favoured the prepared, he would always have precautions.

Luen hovered over the river, Erine next to her. "This is it. Our first mission. "

Erine swooped to her front, waving a finger, "I'll take the east side, you take
the west side of the river. Now, don't get distracted by sweets all right?"

Luen scowled at Erine for a short moment before Erine winked. "You're too fun
to tease, good luck!"

Erine dashed off into the evening sky without waiting for Luen's reply, leaving
her to sigh at Erine's impulsiveness. Not that I'm not like that myself. She
would probably do the same if the roles were swapped.

Well, time to get going. Every day I take, Concordia marches another step.

She swooped into the night sky, searching the lights among the stone buildings
in the new world. Perhaps Torlan's hope lay here, perhaps not. But she would
search this foreign world till the prophesied one was found. That was all that


Quite the repertoire I've introduced almost immediately. I'll break it down in the actual chapters and examine each part individually.

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Shrinking spell




Inter-universe warp

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