"Everything in nature is lyrical in its ideal essence, tragic in its fate, and comic in its existence." - George Santayana


Tree Love

They grew up together, so close, yet so far away. They started out small, but grew to be tall. They watched as small children would play in the park, whether it was playing cards, or playing tag, they both watched them. They always felt something more for each other, but of course were not able to pursue their feelings, they were both so far away.

Sometimes, in the fall, when their leaves fell off, they would fall on top of each other, and fly off in the wind together, this was as close as they could get to truly being with each other. And while they weren't able to talk to each other, or gaze into each other's eyes with adoration, the wind did the whispering and flirting for them.

It was nice when a loving couple took their seats below their nearly touching branches, it made them happy to know that humans were able to live out the lives they could never have. Many couples have passed by them, some paused to take a look at the beautiful view around them. It made the two trees feel closer to each other.

A lot has happened around the two trees, once a man proposed to a woman underneath the trees. She said yes as they shared their first kiss as fianc├ęs. They were there when two young teenagers shared their first kiss, as well as two people making their first conversation in the park.

They witnessed so much go on, and were unable to do any of this themselves. They were just merely two trees sadly in love. Almost as if they were star-crossed lovers, as Shakespeare called them, but it was not two families keeping them apart, it was just who they are, and that would never change.


Did you guys like it? It was sad, no? I would love to hear what you wonderful readers think!

- Morine